I need a Help | INeedAHelp – Find Helpers near you. Easily & Safely.

“I need a Help” or INeedAHelp, it’s a mobile app based platform that connects you to Domestic or Workplace Helpers near you. All at less than Rs.500/-.

i need a help - find helpers near you

“I need a Help” or as we prefer to call it, INeedAHelp is a unique Mobile App that helps you find a Helper near you. It directly connects you to over 75 different kinds of Helpers. These are the Helpers who work at Homes & Small Businesses.

We are sure you would agree that your daily life wouldn’t be the same without these special people who make your life better in a million different ways, every single day. So, whether it’s your Maid, Cook, Babysitter, Driver or a Mali at your Home. And Office Boys, Store Helpers, Food delivery Boys at your Workplace.

It’s only fair to say that you wouldn’t be able to accomplish half the things you do without their help. And that’s just the reason why their absence is enough to drive you crazy. Without these helping hands guiding you through your days, life would just not feel normal.

Meet INeedAHelp. A unique mobile app based platform that connects you to over 75 different kinds of Helpers who work at Homes & Small Businesses. It connects you with several such Helpers directly, all within your vicinity. INeedAHelp recognizes that the need to find these special people is almost always at the worst time and usually with no time to spare.

So from this day, you don’t need to rely on just references and word-of-mouth. Now, at the touch of a few buttons, you can find any Helper who you want to take care of all the little details in your life.

Here are 6 reasons why you should try finding Helpers at “I need a Help” / INeedAHelp:

  1. Huge Database: Choose from thousands of Helpers registered at INeedAHelp
  2. Within Vicinity: The INeedAHelp iOS or Android App connects you to Helpers who are close to you
  3. Assurance of Verified Helpers: All the Helpers are ID verified. Furthermore, to ensure the reliability, every Helper’s Criminal Court Records is checked. At a nominal fee, this report is available for the Helper who you hire
  4. Multiple Categories: Find 75+ different categories of Helpers here
  5. Easy to pocket: Connect with several Helpers at less than Rs.500/- only
  6. Helpers available for different setups: Find Helpers for Household, Expats, Offices, Stores, Salons, Restaurants, Healthcare Clinics or Factories

To conclude, INeedAHelp is an Easier, Simpler & Better way to find a Helper near you.

 Quick Links:
# To find Helpers near you, try INeedAHelp WebsiteINeedAHelp iOS App or INeedAHelp Android App

# To get your Helper’s Online Background Verification done in a Professional way, try INeedAHelp Verification Services.


We recommend hiring Helpers from ineedahelp. It’s an initiative towards organizing the life of underprivileged from our society. When you hire from INeedAHelp, every Helper gets an opportunity to find some work without paying any commission in between. They also get to earn a full portion of their salary that they deserve after working at your place.


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