INeedAHelp – Trying to make our community a better place

Make our community a better place, do some social service or do something for a cause – so far these concepts were more academic for us. Until recently when we figured out there’s something we can actually do.

Often we’ve come across kids, young men, women, and at times even older ones, knocking on the window screen on our car, asking for money. We have also given them money at times, but have never been quite sure of whether giving them money is right or wrong. When we felt it, we gave them, and when we didn’t, we did not give anything at all. One fine morning, stand on the side of a street and try looking around. We guarantee you that out of 100 people you see, almost 60-70 of them would be the ones who belong to the underprivileged category.

Not talking about the ones who don’t want to work, and believe me there are many such among them, but about the ones who really want to make a living by doing some work – like a Cook, who goes to someone’s house to make food; a Driver, who travels a few kilometers, works about 12 hrs., even on Sundays; a Maid, who cleans one’s house and take out the garbage; a Babysitter, who cleans all the mess of a kid; a Delivery Boy, who runs around the city to deliver papers, food or a courier; a Housekeeping person in the Office who cleans the toilet almost every hour and many such other people. This entire set of people who make our lives better in million different ways, every single day, imagine if they are all gone from our life one fine day. What would you do?

It’s only fair to say that we would not be able to accomplish half the things we do without their help. And that’s just the reason why their absence, for whatever reason, is enough to drive us crazy. Without them guiding us through our days and weeks, life just wouldn’t be normal.

So we gathered everything we had – our savings, our learning, our experiences. Then borrowed whatever we could. Gave a shape to the concept. Made a small team – of Professionals, Experts and especially the People from this part of the underprivileged community. And landed with a concept called “INeedAHelp“.

To all the people who have read it so far, we urge you to try INeedAHelp when you need a Maid, a Driver, a Cook or any other such Help. You can find its iOS App, Android App or you may just try the Website. With an objective of organizing the life of the underprivileged community, every day our team goes to places where they can find them, they educate them about INeedAHelp, checks their ID, brings them onboard, and all free of cost. So that when you need them, with just a nominal fee of less than Rs.500/-, you are able to find a few of them around your house, connect with them and hire them if you like them. Not only it makes your life easier, it also gives them an opportunity to make their life better.

At INeedAHelp, we believe, this is the best way we could have possibly helped those who help us and make our lives better in so many ways, thereby, try to make our community a better place, including the underprivileged ones.

Click here to download ineedahelp App for iPhones & Android

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