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SEWA Bharat

All India Federation of Self-Employed Women’s Association

Founded by Ela Bhatt in 1972, the Self Employed Women’s Association is a movement of women who work in the informal economy.

SEWA Bharat has almost 2 million women members across 18 states of India.

SEWA Bharat works with a twin approach of struggle and development for women’s empowerment, through trade unions, development programs and social enterprises -- all run and promoted by the grassroots women themselves.

SEWA Bharat is a national federation of all Self Employed Women’s Associations in India.

It is committed to strengthening the movement of women in the informal economy by highlighting their issues at the national level to advocate for their rights at the highest levels of policy and industry and building its member organizations’ capacity to empower them.

Helpers Near Me is working closely with SEWA Bharat's Delhi Members to help them find work opportunities, locally.


Domestic Workers Sector Skill Council

Domestic Workers Sector Skill Council (DWSSC), under National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), is working towards enhancing the employability of Domestic Workers.

Domestic Workers in India constitute one of the largest segments, nearly 20 million of the workforce, the majority being women whose services mostly go unrecognized.

Most of these Domestic Worker’s function as ‘lifelines’ to the households, render multiple types of services, as full time and part time, live-in and live-out, and they are described as ‘domestic servants’.

DWSSC is working towards enhancing the employability of Domestic Workers and helping them sector acquire the status of a profession or a trade.

Helpers Near Me is working closely with DWSSC to help the trained Domestic Workers find work opportunities, locally.

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