Our response to Covid-19

At Helpers Near Me, we are taking every initiative to ensure a Covid-19 Safe Employers-Workers Connect.

Covid-19 has destabilized many lives.

Among all, the severely affected ones are the unorganised Blue-collar Workers, primarily the self-employed & the daily wage earners – like Domestic Workers, Drivers, School Workers, Restaurant Workers, Salon Workers, Office Workers, Factory Workers, Store Workers, Hospital Workers, Construction Workers & many more.

While the vaccine is already under the execution stage, and at a good pace, it would still take a while till everyone in our country is vaccinated.

Until then taking enough precaution is the only way one can avoid the disease.

And till the vaccination drive is fully executed, based on the recent history of Workers (& the Employers), Helpers Near Me is taking every possible step to ensure a Covid-19 Safe Employers-Workers Connect.

In line with the Government’s Aarogya Setu initiative & CoWIN, we are taking a Covid-19 Safe Self Declaration from both the Workers and the Employers.

And if the Workers are vaccinated, fully or partially, we are ensuring they declare and also submit their certificates to us.

Here’s the process we are following:


Helpers Near Me is conducting a self-assessment screening of every worker for Covid-19 after every few days.

Based on the worker’s self-declaration of their medical symptoms in the recent past, if any, this assessment process is helping us in screening & ensuring a Safe Employers-Workers Connect.

Helpers Near Me is seeking the details of their vaccination status over the phone. If the workers are vaccinated, we are ensuring they submit their Vaccination Certificate.

And if they are not yet vaccinated, we are recording the assessments (based on Aarogya Setu) over the phone, and to a certain extent evaluating the likelihood of Covid-19 infection.

This assessment process automatically filters out & quarantines the individuals who’ve declared any symptoms of Fever, Cough, Sore Throat, or Fatigue in the recent past.

Furthermore, if any of the workers declare they were tested for Covid-19 recently, the system is placing those individuals in an auto-quarantine mode on our platform, unless if they present a Covid-19 negative report issued by the testing centres.

Additionally, for the containment zones, if any, while the significance of it has reduced, but Helpers Near Me is continuously updating and blocking all the containment zones on the platform, as declared by the Government.

The blocked areas automatically eliminate any possibility of Employers-Workers Connect from such containment zones.


Before placing any formal order, we are requesting all our Customers to self-declare that neither they nor their family members have experienced any symptoms of Fever, Cough, Sore Throat or Fatigue in the recent past.

We are requesting all to declare that they have not been tested for Covid-19 and that their locality doesn’t come under any of the containment zones declared by the Government.

To ensure a ‘Covid-19 Safe Employers-Workers Connect’, the system & the process is being reviewed and updated every day.

Useful links:

Download Aarogya Setu app introduced by the Indian Government.

Contribute to the PM Cares Relief Fund.

Follow guidelines given by World Health Organization.