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With a vision to end poverty, forced labour, worker's exploitation, and human trafficking, Helpers Near Me is working towards creating an ecosystem of inclusive economic growth for the unorganised workers. Helpers Near Me uses complex algorithms via its different digital platforms as a medium to enable the less educated, or uneducated, unskilled, partly skilled or skilled unorganised workers to find nearby Work Opportunities. In turn, the platform helps Employers/Customers find and hire nearby Blue-collar workers, without the middlemen in between.


Unorganized Workers have joined the movement to connect with Employers directly


Workers have been offered Work Opportunities directly by the Employers


Women Workers have been offered Work Opportunities directly by the Employers


Members of Worker's family have been supported by Helpers Near Me Initiative



National Skill
Development Corporation

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) a not for profit, Public-Private-Partnership organization aims to contribute significantly to the overall target of skilling up of people in India.

SEWA Bharat

All India Federation of
Self-Employed Women’s Association

SEWA Bharat is a national federation of all Self Employed Women’s Associations in India. It is a movement of women who work in the informal economy.


Domestic Workers
Sector Skill Council

Domestic Workers Sector Skill Council (DWSSC), under NSDC, is working towards enhancing the employability of Domestic Workers.

Why Helpers Near Me?

Convenient, Easy & Organized

It is an Easier, Simpler & Better way of finding Workers. 5 minutes and just a click of a few buttons, that’s all it takes to find Workers at Helpers Near Me.

Professionally Verified Workers only

Helpers Near Me follows a 2/3 Step Verification Process for every Worker registered with the platform. Everyone’s IDs & Court/Criminal Records are checked in detail. Read more >

Connect with nearby Workers

Helpers Near Me connects you with Workers in the vicinity, preferably within 1-2 km of your search location

Speak to multiple Workers at a time

If available, Helpers Near Me connects you with multiple Workers from nearby, and not just one or two

Find & Hire Workers at a nominal fee only

At Helpers Near Me, you get to connect with multiple Workers at a starting fee of ₹99 only

Get the best-shortlisted Workers from a vast pool

A unique rating system allows Helpers Near Me to connect you with the best Workers from around

Empowers the Workers to connect with you directly

Helpers Near Me supports the Workers in finding nearby Work Opportunities and connecting with you directly. Workers join Helpers Near Me free of cost, and on their free will.

No middlemen & commissions in between

At Helpers Near Me, you get to connect with the Workers directly, so there are no middlemen & commissions in between

Worker gets to earn one's full salary

Every Worker who gets hired through Helpers Near Me gets an opportunity to earn one's full salary, without having to pay someone else in between

Safe & Secure Payment

Every transaction processed at Helpers Near Me goes through the recognised payment gateways like Paytm, PayU & others. Your details are entirely secured & protected against any unauthorised transactions.

100% Refund Policy

At Helpers Near Me, there's always an assurance of a happy experience. For every genuine reason, the refunds are processed without any questions asked. So, you either get to find a worker through the platform, or we make a 100% refund for you. Read more >

Customer Reviews

4.2 /5

(based on 101 reviews submitted on different platforms of Helpers Near Me)

Rakhi Sahay

New Delhi

5 /5

Great (Connected with Maids)

Good to have an app that helps you manage your house better.

Submitted on Apple App Store

Kiran Chulki


5 /5

It's awesome

It's awesome

Submitted on Google Play Store

Kiran Dontha


5 /5

Very useful

Awesome app. Very useful to each n every one

Submitted on Google Play Store



5 /5

Very responsive.

Very responsive.

Submitted on Google Play Store


New Delhi

5 /5

Easy & Convenient

Its so easy to find a domestic helper with this app,...far easier than running around to agencies

Submitted on Apple App Store

Raghav Bhartia

Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

5 /5

I got a good guy through this app (Connected with Cooks)

I needed a cook; asked friends and family.... explored various agencies. Got to try all options. This one turned out to be very good. I got a good guy through this app. The fee they charge is quite nominal (much better than agencies). The app itself was not a fun experience. its slow and not well designed. But you can see the team behind it is good and dedicated. I had to raise an issue with customer care through app. Post that they took good care of me. I would highly recommend.

Submitted on Google Play Store

Dhruwin Tank


5 /5



Submitted on Google Play Store

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