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About Us

Helpers Near Me is a DIPP-recognised startup.

Helpers Near Me enables millions of underprivileged and unorganized blue-collar workers to find local employment, free of cost, directly from nearby employers, without the middlemen in between.

In turn, the platform makes it easy, quick, reliable & affordable for millions of employers to find & hire nearby blue-collar workers.

With a larger vision to end poverty, forced labour, worker exploitation, and human trafficking, Helpers Near Me is working towards creating an ecosystem of inclusive economic growth for India's underprivileged unorganised blue-collar workforce.

The platform uses tech-led complex algorithms via its different digital platforms as a medium to establish a direct Employer-Worker connection.

Helpers Near Me also works closely with Government bodies and NGOs to help connect the blue-collar workforce with nearby employers.

The platform helps in establishing Employer-Worker connections in a fairly organised way. At a local level, it allows both men & women workers to connect directly with nearby Employers.

In the long run, having enough local employment opportunities allows workers to find a better working environment and better salaries for themselves and an opportunity to improve their quality of life.


Workers have joined Helpers Near Me to connect directly with nearby Employers


Workers have received employment offers directly from nearby Employers


Women Workers have received employment offers directly from nearby Employers


Family members of Workers have been supported by the Helpers Near Me initiative

Helpers Near Me is not an NGO. We are a for-profit social enterprise. We are a few years old DIPP recognised startup.

Helpers Near Me makes business decisions based on the social impact we bring in our world. We also look at the financial gain we achieve in the process, but just so that the system can self-sustain.

On one side, we help the underprivileged and unorganised workforce find local employment free of cost. And on the other, we earn our revenues by charging a nominal convenience fee (starting at INR 99/-) from our Employers who offer employment opportunities to the workers of our platform.

Our parent company is INeedAHelp Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Why should you find & hire Workers from Helpers Near Me?

Simple choices affect the world we live in.

We are flooded with multiple choices for things we consume every day - Which Tea/Coffee? Which Cereal? Which Car? What kind of Fruits & Vegetables? Etc.

At times, these simple choices we make every moment affect our environment, planet or a group of individuals or community, directly or indirectly. Or else they are just simple means of earning financial gains.

It is okay if an enterprise earns revenues for itself. However, it would be great if financial gains could also impact our world. And therefore, make the world better than what it is.

At Helpers Near Me, we believe with the help of technology, it is possible to make an ecosystem which can help millions of blue-collar workforce find local employment opportunities. The ecosystem can sustain itself in the process with a nominal fee. We firmly believe that technology today can impact the lives of millions in multiple ways.

With your help, we can make this happen.

So, go ahead. Connect with your nearby workers directly, without the middlemen in between. And impact the life of one or a few of whom you can.



National Skill
Development Corporation

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) a not for profit, Public-Private-Partnership organization aims to contribute significantly to the overall target of skilling up of people in India.

SEWA Bharat

All India Federation of
Self-Employed Women’s Association

SEWA Bharat is a national federation of all Self Employed Women’s Associations in India. It is a movement of women who work in the informal economy.


Domestic Workers
Sector Skill Council

Domestic Workers Sector Skill Council (DWSSC), under NSDC, is working towards enhancing the employability of Domestic Workers.

Benefits of direct Employer-Worker Connect

Benefits for Workers

  • Helpers Near Me supports workers ‘free of cost’, and helps them in finding nearby work opportunities without the middlemen in between
  • Once a worker joins Helpers Near Me, the local work starts finding the Workers, not vice-versa
  • Not just one, but Workers get multiple work opportunities from nearby Employers
  • With Helpers Near Me, Workers could reach out to thousands of nearby Employers, and not just a few of them
  • There are no Agents, Agencies or Contractors involved in between
  • Workers do not have to pay any money or commissions to anyone in between
  • Helpers Near Me connects the Workers directly with the nearby Employers
  • Workers get to work as per their preferred work, location and salary
  • Workers don't need to have a smartphone for connecting with Helpers Near Me. They can connect even if they have an old feature phone with them
  • By joining Helpers Near Me, Workers become a part of the new age Digital India

Benefits for Employers

  • Helpers Near Me is the easiest and the most convenient way of finding & hiring nearby blue-collar workers.
  • It is Easy, Quick, Reliable & Cost-effective
  • At Helpers Near Me, it just takes about 3-5 minutes to find near Blue-collar workers.
  • Workers are professionally verified at Helpers Near Me. At an additional nominal fee, you can also access the background verification report of the person you hire
  • At Helpers Near Me, one can find & hire from 100+ profiles of Domestic Workers, Drivers, School Workers, Restaurant Workers, Salon Workers, Office Workers, Factory Workers, Store Workers, Hospital Workers, Construction Workers & many more.
  • There are no Agents, Agencies or Contractors involved in between
  • There are no commissions involved in the process.
  • Employers get to connect with multiple workers from around, that too directly.
  • You get to connect with multiple workers at a nominal fee only - starting at Rs.99/-
  • At Helpers Near Me, your payment is always safe & secure.
  • Furthermore, it comes with an assurance of finding a person, or else you can always claim your refund. Helpers Near Me follows a 100% Refund Policy.
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