About Us

With a vision of eradicating Forced Labour, Worker's Exploitation, Human Trafficking, and Poverty, INeedAHelp Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Helpers near me), a three-year-old DIPP recognized startup, uses Advanced Digital Platform as a medium to provide Work Opportunities to the less educated Unskilled, Skilled & Partly Skilled Unorganized Workers from the Bottom of the Pyramid.

INeedAHelp (Helpers near me) does this in an organized way, at a local level, which allows both Men & Women Worker to find relevant work opportunities in their nearest locality. Once a part of INeedAHelp, the Workers get multiple opportunities to connect directly with their Employers (Individuals, Families, Small Business Owners & Corporates), without any middlemen in between.

Eventually, the platform allows the Worker to find Better Working Environment for oneself. In turn, this helps every Worker in having an Improved Quality of Life.

In the long run, this helps our community at the Bottom of the Pyramid to have sustainable economic growth, employment, and decent work for all.


Unorganized Workers have joined the movement to connect with Employers directly


Workers have been offered Work Opportunities directly by the Employers


Women Workers have been offered Work Opportunities directly by the Employers


Members of Worker's family have been supported by `Helpers Near Me` Initiative

INeedAHelp Technologies Pvt Ltd is not an NGO. It is a ‘for-profit’ organization that is working towards the economic growth, employment and development of the weaker section of our community. On one side, it helps the Unskilled, Skilled & Partly Skilled Unorganized Workers free of cost and on the other, it earns its revenues, a nominal fee of less than Rs.500/- only, from its Customers (Individuals, Families, Small Business Owners and Corporates) who offer Employment Opportunities & Decent Working Environment to the Workers at INeedAHelp.

INeedAHelp Technologies Pvt Ltd is a DIPP recognized startup.

About Helpers Near Me (earlier INeedAHelp)

Your daily life wouldn't be the same without some very special people around you. No, not your family or friends, but the other set of truly important people - the ones who make your life better in a million different ways, every single day. Yes, we're talking about Maids, Cooks, Babysitters, and Drivers. At Offices, Stores & Restaurant, it's usually Delivery Boys, Waiter, Cleaners, Office Boys, Housekeeping, Store Helpers, Peons and many others.

It’s only fair to say that you wouldn’t be able to accomplish half the things you do without their help. And that’s just the reason why their absence, for whatever reason, is enough to drive you crazy. Without these helping hands guiding you through your days and weeks, life just doesn’t feel, well, normal.

Meet Helpers Near Me. A unique and simple platform that connects you to over 100+ different kinds of Helpers for Homes and Businesses, all within your vicinity, that too directly. Because we, at, ‘Helpers near me’, recognize that the need to find this very special help is almost always at the worst time and usually with no time to spare.

So, no more relying on references, word-of-mouth reviews or reaching out to Agents. Now, at the touch of a few buttons, you can find the perfect Helper to help take care of all the little details in your life.

It’s time for Helpers Near Me – The easiest and the most reliable way to find Helpers near you.

Benefits for Workers

  • This service is ‘Free of Cost’ for all Workers
  • Work finds the Workers, not vice-versa
  • Workers get multiple work opportunities, in their vicinity
  • No Agents involved
  • No Commissions to anyone in between
  • The platform connects the Workers directly with the Customers
  • Workers get to work as per their preferred work & location
  • Once a part of `Helpers near me`, Workers get connected to the entire City’s requirement
  • A possibility of Salary Standardization, Minimum Wage & Minimum Working Hours (WIP)

Benefits for Employers

  • The service at Helpers near me is Convenient
  • It is Organized, Digitized & Mobile friendly
  • It is Quick – 5 minutes only & 5 Steps max.
  • There are No Agents/Agencies in between.
  • There are No Commissions involved in the process of ‘Finding reliable Helpers’ here
  • You get to connect Directly with multiple Workers from around your location
  • For the convenience, you pay a nominal fee of less than Rs.500/- only
  • The Workers registered at Helpers near me are Professionally Verified, through company’s 2-Step Verification process