Verification for Truck Drivers is easy. Know how?

Conducting a diligent Background Verification for Truck Drivers is quite challenging.

Try the Background Verification Services of Helpers Near Me and solve the problem today.

Have you ever wondered how to go about getting the Truck Drivers credentials verified?

So whether:

  • You have a big Logistic Company or
  • If you are running your fleet of trucks or
  • Just helping your Customers in shifting their house through your Movers & Packers Company

What you always put at risk is the entire load in your vehicles, which belongs to someone else or some other company.

Your company can take responsibility for the belongings in your fleet of trucks.

But taking the responsibility of Truck Drivers is always questionable.

In reality, not every Truck Driver’s credential is questionable. However, professionally verifying their credentials always ensures a secured system is in place.

This kind of professional background verification of Truck Drivers also ensures the safety of your Customer’s products or their Household belongings.

So, how do you go about conducting the background verification for your Truck Drivers? How do you ensure their background credentials gets verified in an absolute professional way?

Here are some of the options for you:

  1. Get the Truck Driver’s credentials verified at the nearest local police station, or
  2. Get his credentials verified online, in an absolute professional way at Helpers Near Me‘.

Option 1 (Recommended): Getting a Police Verification for Truck Drivers done at the local police station

Although this is the usual choice that occurs first to everyone’s mind, however, accomplishing it for a large or even small number of Truck Drivers is not entirely very convenient.

Here are some of the steps involved in Police Verification for Truck Drivers:

  1. Get a Police Verification form from the local police station (you can even get it online in some cases)
  2. Fill the form for the Truck Driver with his full details
  3. Submit the duly filled police verification form at the nearest local police station
  4. At times, if required, even visit the local police station with the Truck Driver
  5. Revisit the police station, if some of the documents are not as per the requirements
  6. Picking the stamped copy of the Police Verification Form after a few days

In your busy working days, sometimes this seems like a big task.

While you can still send someone from your office to get the necessary paperwork done, yet, this seems more like a task.

And therefore, most often, you never get into it. It just gets ignored in the day-to-day work.

At a national level, it is estimated that only about 10-20% of companies go through the diligent exercise of conducting the Background Verification for Truck Drivers.

And the rest of the companies take a photocopy of the Truck Driver’s ID and rely majorly on the reference who referred the Truck Driver.

While taking a copy of ID is easy, but not a safe option.

It is even riskier when you have someone else’s products or household items in your fleet of trucks.

Option 2 (Easy & Convenient): Verifying the background of your Truck Drivers through ‘Helpers Near Me’

To help your company with Professional Background Verification of Truck Drivers here’s a new initiative from Helpers Near Me.

It is easy, convenient and takes just about 5 minutes for you to place a Verification request.

Plus, it is also easy to pocket – just Rs.199/- per Truck Driver, for the basic option.

And imagine getting a detailed Professional Background Verification Report of your Truck Driver being emailed to you.

The report gets emailed directly to your inbox, within 10-15 Working days.

Isn’t this as convenient as it could get?

This Professional Background Verification Report carries the following:

  1. A professional check on Truck Driver’s ID – Aadhar ID, Driving License of his Voter ID
  2. A detailed check on Truck Driver’ Criminal/Court Records, if any, in District Courts located in many parts of India, and
  3. If you have opted for this, the report also carries a neighborhood check of his Present or Permanent Address, whether it is in a city like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai or Kolkata, or a village in many parts of India

This kind of detailed & Professional Background Verification for Truck Drivers is something that most of us haven’t seen or heard of so far.

But yes, it is possible.

How to place your request for Background Verification for Truck Drivers?

Here are 3 quick online steps that you need to do for placing a request for Background Verification of your Truck Driver. And all of it can be done in just 5 minutes, that too directly through our mobile phone.

  1. Step 1: Visit the Background Verification page at ‘Helpers near me’ or click here
  2. Step 2: Fill your Truck Driver’s essential details, if you have if you have it ready with you (Name, Phone, Govt. ID number & Address). Or you can also choose to fill in only your details (Again just your Name, Phone & Email)
  3. Step 3: Make a payment of just Rs.199/- through the secure payment gateway of ‘Helpers near me’ (Either through your Paytm Account or by your Credit/Debit Card or Net Banking).

That’s all.

Once you have initiated your Background Verification request for your Truck Driver, you would get a formal report within 7-10 working days of your request, at your email address.

For any additional information required during the process, the ‘Helpers near me’ team gets in touch with you.

Here’s how the Background Verification conducted at ‘Helpers near me’

The partner company of ‘Helpers near me’, BetterPlace, conducts the Background Verification for Truck Drivers.

The partner company is integrated with UIDAI, NSDL, and reliable Government District portals that detail Criminal Cases. These Criminal/Court Records are verified by the company’s team of legal experts.

The physical Address Verification is done via a network of app-based verifiers across the country.

With such a kind of Professional Background Verification, you get transparency into the Truck Driver’s Identity, Antecedents, and Character.

This kind of verification allows you to make an informed decision on the person you have already hired or are about to hire.

More so, it will enable you to ensure your Customers’ valuable items are safe & secure.

With this new Online Background Verification initiative of ‘Helpers near me’, you have an option to be 100% sure of the background of your Truck Driver.

If you are still relying on your Truck Driver’s ID copy, we suggest you verify your Truck Driver today!