11 helpful tips that makes hiring a reliable Nanny easy


Hiring a reliable Nanny for your kids?

Follow these 11 points and life would be easier for you.

For a working mother, one of the most time-consuming and risky jobs of her lifetime is

“Finding a reliable Nanny for her children”.

First and foremost she is extremely guilty to leave her heart with someone else.

Next, she worries about whether she is selecting the right person to take care of her kids and the house.

And finally, it is very difficult to search and find out a good and trusted caretaker in urban areas who can fit her expectations.

Meet Helpers near me.

It helps mothers in a huge way to reduce all of their worries.

‘Helpers near me’ is an initiative which connects you with nearby Nannies, Maids, Cooks & other Domestic Helpers in the easiest possible way.

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Every Nanny registered with ‘Helpers ear me’ are stringently checked for their IDs, any Criminal/Court records and their neighborhood check if specifically required.

Only the ones with Clean background are considered for further recommendations to you.

This works wonderfully for the mothers as they can be assured to get good caretakers from a trusted source.

It also helps in socially and economically helping the Nannies and other Helpers.

And all of this with maximum ease and convenience.

If a mother can tick the below 10 points while selecting a reliable Nanny in Delhi, it makes her job extremely easy.

1) Ensure the Nanny carries a Clean Background

To make sure that you are trusting your kids with a good caretaker with a clean and decent background, it is essential to have a professional verification of the Nanny done.

Even though 80-90% of the Nannies are genuine, however, for the balance 10-20%, it is always essential to get an exact idea about their IDs, Criminal/Court Records and at times their Neighborhood Checks as well.

Thankfully, ‘Helpers near me’ does these background checks online and with extreme precision.

So, mothers can relax that their Nanny carries a Clean background.

2) Lucky if you could find someone with basic education background

It might happen that some of the Nannies are not even educated till HSC.

Their economic condition and rural background can be the reason for the same.

But please ensure that she at least has some basic reading and writing knowledge.

There are a number of tasks in the house which requires reading and writing.

Also, in case of emergencies, she should be able to call the relevant people and inform the authorities.

3) Nanny should be Clean & Hygienic about herself

The second thing which is crucial for the security of your child is Nanny’s health.

And if your child is going to spend around 9-10 hours of his day with the Nanny, she should have very high standards of hygiene and sanitation.

So, before hiring a Nanny, please ensure that she knows how to keep up herself.

Her hair should be properly tied and nails should be cut.

Also, try and gauge if she has a habit of washing her hands before starting any of her work.

4) A little information on her family’s background is always helpful

At times, it can get a little difficult to find out the detailed family background of the nanny.

But you can at least try and make some normal inquiries about the number of family members, the husband, father, and his work, the native village/town etc.

This would help you have a better understanding of her background.

5) Working hours and timings

Sometimes it happens that parents do not bother to clarify the exact timing for which the Nanny has to work.

At times, such ambiguity creates confusion later.

So, it is recommended that the ‘in time’ and ‘out time’ is clearly stated before the work begins.

Of course, after a couple of weeks when the Nanny settles in, some timings can be changed or adjusted as required by both the parties.

Always allow your Nanny a little leeway of say 15-30 mins because just like you she also has to first complete her work at home before she rushes to your home.

Your consideration and understanding will ensure that the Nanny performs her duty to her fullest abilities.

6) Schedules & Discipline

Most of the times we have a fixed schedule for our kids eating, sleeping and play time.

It will be impossible for you to check if the Nanny is following the routine once you leave for office.

So, as much as possible, emphasize the importance of discipline before you hire the Nanny.

Also, once in a while, call from your office and check if the routine is being followed.

You can also pay a surprise visit to the home to ensure that everything is alright.

7) Food, Food & Food

You can instruct the Nanny what to feed your child.

But you cannot force her to do exactly the same.

Most of the times, eating depends upon the children’s mood and appetite and that can vary quite rapidly.

So even if you realize that the Nanny is not feeding your child the exact same food you told her, let it go and trust her judgment.

After all, the Nanny is doing her job and rest assured children will never remain hungry for long.

8) Leaves & Day Offs

The Nanny will need leaves just like you do.

There can always be some family emergency which the Nanny might have to attend.

And at such times you would be left with no choice but to take a leave yourself.

Be prepared for such unexpected circumstances beforehand and don’t panic.

If possible, discuss the issue with the Nanny before you hire her and agree on the maximum number of days in a month you can give her unplanned leaves.

You can also take your husband’s help here and manage in case of such emergencies.

9) Familiarity and Adjustment with Children

Even if you have decided to hire a particular Nanny, your children might not like her instantly.

Your kid would always need some time to get adjusted with the new Nanny in their lives.

So ask the new Nanny to start working a couple of weeks before you go to work.

This way you can also supervise her work and make sure your kid gets adjusted to the new Nanny in your presence.

10) TRUST your new Nanny

Trust is hard to come instantly but is the most important aspect for any kind of work arrangement.

When you hire a Nanny for your kids, you are entrusting a huge responsibility on her.

She has to not only take care of your kids but also look after your home in your absence.

Hence the person who does this should be strong, trustworthy, reliable and capable enough.

During your selection process whatever questions you ask and the discussions you do, you have to make the calculations yourself and go for it.

11) Rely on your instincts

Everything mentioned above is on one side, and your instincts on the other side.

Every woman’s instincts are always very strong. Even if you miss on any of the aspects mentioned above, do follow your instincts.

Your instincts would lead you to the right judgment and right direction, automatically.

These are just a few tips that would help you make your hiring process and the stages later on a bit easy.

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