How to easily find a Delivery Boy for Restaurant in Delhi?

Delivery Boy

Whether a Delivery Boy required for a Restaurant or a Waiter or a dedicated Restaurant Cook, the challenge is always the same in Delhi NCR – How to find them?

Meet Helpers Near Me and solve your problem of finding them today.

It is always a nice feeling to own a Restaurant in a metro city like Delhi NCR. And running the Restaurant successfully well is another level of achievement.

As a Restaurant Owner, some of the things you track almost every day are:

  • Serving the best of the foods to your Customers
  • Enough Customer walk-ins every day
  • Timely deliveries of all Delivery Orders
  • Every Customer to leave your restaurant as a ‘Happy Customer.’
  • Having decent ratings on favorite Apps
  • Good online reviews of your restaurant
  • Enough recommendations for your restaurant on your social pages
  • No negative publicity & a few similar other things

You try every bit to ensure your restaurant becomes a talk of the town for its ambiance, food, and space where people would want to come & spend some time and even order food when required.

However, in the process of trying to ensure everything works perfectly for your restaurant, there’s one area of concern, which is always a big challenge for you & your restaurant managers – Finding your Staff, Delivery Boys & Helpers!

Having adequate Helpers & Staff for your restaurant is as important as ensuring great food for your Customers. When everything’s going right for your restaurant business, you don’t want your Helpers & Staff to be a concern for you, which in reality it always is.

Imagine this:

One beautiful Sunday you reach your Restaurant. You are looking forward to the evening home deliveries for a pre-booked house party at one of your loyal customers. You’ve arrived at your restaurant early, just to ensure that everything is arranged much in advance so that the food is prepared well and that there’s no delay in any of the evening deliveries. And then by mid-afternoon, you get a call from one of your Delivery Boys that he’s not coming in the evening.

Suddenly, your entire plan & arrangement goes for a toss. And since your deliveries have a high reliance on your Delivery Boys, your complete plan goes shaky just because one of the two delivery boys did not turn up.

Now, this could be any of your other staff as well – your lead Cook, or the Waiter or the Manager whose presence ensures that the Orders are furnished.

And this could be any of the days in the life of your restaurant.

So, in the end, what would you do?

How would you solve this immediate problem?

Here are some of the choices you are left with:

  1. Cancel your evening plan, so you could deliver the food yourself
  2. Call your friend who runs another restaurant in the other part of the city
  3. Ask your manager to find one Delivery Boy asap
  4. Ask your other Staff who would know someone in any other restaurant
  5. Check with your friendly neighborhood restaurant if he could lend you his Delivery Boy for one evening
  6. You even connect with few agents or contractors who might help you with a handful of commission

No matter, what choice you opt for, it would still be a temporary fix for the immediate problem you have. In the end, you would anyway have to fix the problem permanently. Either you would scold your Delivery Boy who didn’t turn up, or you would fire him, or you would find an alternative. And every option would still push you to ‘finding an alternative Delivery Boy.’

And until the time you have your running restaurant, a problem like this would persist.

So, how do you fix this problem so you could focus on what’s essential for your Customers & Restaurant?

How do you attend this problem in such a way that this gets fixed permanently?

Meet Helpers Near Me.

It helps you to find a Delivery Boy for your Restaurant in Delhi NCR in the easiest possible way.

‘Helpers near me’ has Mobile Apps, for both iOS & Android, that lets you find a Delivery Boy for Restaurant in just 5 minutes.

Even the charges are nominal – less than Rs.500/-.

Furthermore, it connects you with multiple Delivery Boys, not just one of them. Having this kind of choice ensures that you get the best Delivery Boy who understands your Restaurant’s need better.

Here are 7 compelling reasons why you should try Helpers Near Me when you need to find a Delivery Boy in Delhi NCR

  1. It is convenient – At Helpers near me, you can find Delivery Boys at your convenience. It is Easier, Simpler & Better. 5 minutes and just a click of a few buttons, that’s all it takes to find a Delivery Boy here
  2. Professionally Verified Delivery Boys – Helpers near me verifies every Delivery Boy’s background thoroughly. The platform follows a 2 Step Verification Process for every Delivery Boy. First, their IDs are verified, and second, their Criminal/Court Records are checked across thousands of District Courts in India. At an additional nominal fee of Rs.199/-, you can even get this detailed Verification report emailed to yourself
  3. Connect with nearest Delivery Boys – Helpers near me lets you find the Delivery Boys who stay closer to your restaurant.
  4. Offers choices of Delivery Boys, even though you need just 1-2 Boys – Helpers near me connects you with multiple Delivery Boys in every order, and not only one of them. It offers choices so that you get to choose the best one among all the available options
  5. Find Delivery Boys from a vast pool – Helpers near me has hundreds of Delivery Boys connected with its platform. So, when you place an order, you get the best of the choices available on the platform
  6. Nominal Charges only – At Helpers near me, you get to find multiple Delivery Boys at less than Rs.500/-. You don’t need to pay anything further. Less than Rs.500/- is all it takes.
  7. No Agents or Contractors in between – At Helpers near me, you get to contact Delivery Boys directly. There’s no middle-men in between.

Now, imagine this kind of convenience and being able to find a Delivery Boy in just 5 minutes.

This sort of convenience on your mobile phone solves all the trouble, which you had to take otherwise.

So, when you need to find a Delivery Boy for Restaurant in Delhi NCR, just try Helpers Near Me.

By far, Helpers near me is the easiest way you can find a Delivery Boy near you.

So if you are still relying on references or contractors, try Helpers Near Me before you try anything else.

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