How to find a genuine trustworthy maid online?

Finding a trustworthy maid is always a challenge.

While Helpers Near Me could certainly help you find Maids from around – full time or part time.

However, finding a genuine, trustworthy maid would depend greatly on how you treat each other.

HELPERS NEAR ME (HNM) helps you find & hire legally verified workers near you. The platform uses technology and a lot of groundwork to help you connect directly with workers without any middlemen or commissions. On the other end, HNM helps the underprivileged workers of India find local employment, free of cost, directly from nearby employers like yourself. From time to time, HNM also engages with Government bodies and NGOs to spread the accessibility of the platform to as many workers all over India as possible. 

A trustworthy maid – Before you get to that, have you ever wondered about the problems a maid usually goes through?

Once the maid is at your home, she takes care of all your household chores almost daily, but how often do you handle her problems?

Sure, we are all very busy with our own lives, and yes, we do pay them for their work, but for once, if you could just read her life in detail, you would realize that life isn’t as bad for you.

How much does a Maid cost? What is the right monthly salary or charge for hiring a Maid in any metro city of India?

The monthly cost of hiring a Maid varies between ₹3,000 and ₹18,000, depending on the profile of the maid you hire.

The charges vary as per the hours of engagement. For a Maid who does the cleaning and housekeeping work twice a day, in all about 2-3 hours, the cost of hiring the maid varies between ₹3,000 to ₹4,000.

If you engage the same Maid for about half of the day (Part time Maid), the cost of hiring the Part time maid varies between ₹5,000 to ₹6,000.

In other cases where you want the Maid to cook at home, the cost of hiring the Cook varies between ₹7,000 to ₹9,000, depending on the cooking workload for the number of family members.

If you want the Maid to be there with you for the whole day (Full Day Maid), the cost of hiring the Full Day Maid range between ₹13,000 to ₹14,000.

And if you are looking for a Full time Maid, the cost of hiring the Full time Maid varies between ₹17,000 to ₹18,000. Within this salary range, their primary task may vary from Cooking, Housekeeping, and Babysitting to Elder Care, but they are usually open to all the other household chores.

In some cases, the Full time Maids even charge between ₹20,000 to ₹25,000, but they are usually the Maids who work with Expats and are far more experienced than those who haven’t worked for Expats earlier.

(SOURCE – SalaryTracker)

Do you want to check the cost of Maid in your city? Try SalaryTracker. It is a free salary tracking tool for 100+ profiles of Workers near you.

Here’s a true short story that will give you an insight into a Maid’s life and how you can work towards employing a trustworthy maid:

One fine day:

“Didi, may I eat two chapatis at your home today?”, 28 years old, Suman asked me one morning.

I was a little surprised but agreed without questioning her back.

I also offered her some pickle and chutney to go with the dry curry she had brought.

Always cheerful and eager, Suman, my maid for the last two months, had never asked for anything to eat while working.

Today was something amiss, and I could feel it.

She somehow gulped down 7-8 morsels when suddenly tears started to roll down her cheeks, and she started crying loudly.

I consoled her and offered her water; finally, she was calmer. I asked her what the matter was.

She was a little hesitant initially, but I kept on probing.

After feeling more comfortable and confident, she shared her entire story with me.

Suman’s background:

Married off by the poor father at the tender age of 16 to a distant cousin, Suman had started her married life in a 10×10 feet congested room in the city away from the vast expanses of her native village.

Suman was a bright student, but poverty forced her father to get her married immediately after she completed SSC.

She was the eldest of 3 sisters with 1 brother.

Her husband was 10 years older than her, and after a couple of months of the wedding, Suman realized that he was good for nothing.

He was addicted to smoking and alcohol and his income could hardly pay the monthly room rent.

To add to it, he could never sustain a permanent job anywhere due to his carefree and headstrong attitude.

One year after her wedding, Suman’s remaining dreams and hopes were brutally smashed when her husband physically hit her when she refused to let him have sex with her.

Even after the beatings, he forced himself on Suman. It was the most unbearable pain she had ever experienced in her life.

But more than the physicality of it, it was the emotional trauma that was more difficult to digest for Suman.

The next morning, Suman was out on her feet, searching for work to keep her out of the house as much as possible and help her regain her self-esteem – or whatever remained of it.

10 years later:

Suman is doing much better for herself.

She has been able to buy a small 400 sq ft flat for herself, has opened a bank account, and also sends some money back home.

Suman has consciously decided not to have any children.

But despite all this, the husband is unchanged. The forced sex, the beatings, and the physical and mental abuse continue forever as if it’s the husband’s birthright.

Mei mard hu” is the standard explanation.

And however courageous and progressive Suman might get, she will never cross the line with her husband.

Because in our archetypical and feudal society – the husband is the only person who decides a woman’s identity and worth – even if he is a wife-beating, alcoholic swine.

Suman’s story is not at all unique.

Almost every maid, every helper, and every worker from an economically underprivileged section of society have a similar story to tell.

Poverty, illiteracy, early marriages, alcoholic husbands, huge loans and a society that feeds on the plight of weaker and helpless women is an extremely common scenarios.

And needless to say, women and young girls are the biggest victims of this circle.

For most of us, having a maid is a big necessity.

And finding a trustworthy maid is like feeling lucky.

Our house can come to a standstill if our maid is not around.

Yet, at times, knowingly or unknowingly, we sometimes take them for granted.

We criticize if she is late or if she takes an unplanned leave.

Her demand for a pay hike seems high, even if it is just a few hundred extras.

Very few people realize she is already undertaking much more than she can sustain – physically, emotionally and financially.

Sadly, there is nothing much one can do legally to help such victimized helpless women.

But at least at a personal level, one can do certain small things to reduce their worries.

Here are a few things you can do for your Maid which would lead to her becoming a trustworthy one:

  • Pay Appropriately: Evaluate her work and try to give her the best pay possible. Do not argue if she asks a little more than what you want to pay.
  • Try to understand her life: While interviewing your Maid, try and check if the woman is going through any problems at home. You can then indirectly tell her that she can depend on you if she needs help.
  • Show some faith: Give her confidence and also show some faith. She would give her the best possible input only if she feels that you trust her.
  • Hire her from sources trying to help them: You may want to try Helpers Near Me. It is a platform where every woman like Suman can find a job without paying any commission to any agent or contractor. It is an initiative trying to organize the life of the underprivileged like Suman. Helpers Near Me empowers them to find a suitable job without falling into the trap of those who misuse their vulnerability.
  • Give her some settling time: Do not expect her to do exactly how you want and then criticize her if she doesn’t comply. The first couple of weeks, guide her, let her know what exactly you want, and then give her time to settle down.
  • Appreciate the good work she does: Appreciate her for her good work and sometimes give her extra work that falls out of her predefined tasks. Pay her extra for those tasks.

If you do just a little, a woman like Suman would do much more for you.

And eventually, you would find a trustworthy maid in your Suman.

A society can only progress if every section is given equal opportunities to grow.

And what better way to ensure that than starting it from your home?

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