Hire a Driver in Delhi NCR who you can trust like your family

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Not just a person who drives your car morning until evening, but hire a Driver in Delhi NCR who you can trust, almost like your family.

Your driver not just drives your car but also your life. This statement might look funny standalone, but it’s the truth of today’s Indian city life.

Manoj is a Senior Management Executive who head Sales at an automobile company. He has to attend several meetings at client location every day. Manoj keeps on traveling the entire day. He utilizes his travel time by working while his Driver drives the car through the crowded city streets. A lot of times, he has to trust the driver with his important documents, money, laptop and other valuables kept in the car. At such times, it is an utmost priority for him that his Driver is an extremely ethical and trustworthy man.

Sarika is a Homemaker. She has to take care of a hundred things at a time. Be it her Kid’s Schools, her In-laws Doctors’ appointments, her Grocery Shopping or any other random daily chores. Sometimes, when she is busy at home, she has to trust her Driver to pick up her kids or get her the grocery. Sarika feels safe only if she can treat her Driver as a family member and not a person whom she will have to doubt now and then.

Aman is a Dancer & Dance Choreographer and has to go for a lot of events, rehearsals, and meetings every day. He lives in his car and utilizes his travel time for making phone calls, eating, doing work on the laptop and what not. His Driver is his one constant in his otherwise rocking life. And it gives him great pleasure and reassurance if the Driver is calm, peaceful and does his work diligently.

Like Manoj, Sarika & Aman, we all live in metro cities and struggle every day to manage the 24 hours of our day, just so that we can breathe and sleep a few hours peacefully. Due to various personal/career reasons, at times we stay miles away from our families and then people like our Maids, Nannies, Drivers & Helpers become our immediate family members. However we may want to deny it, but all these people become our lifelines who help us maintain our life equilibrium.

And especially our Driver, who takes us through the webs of the roads and traffic every day becomes our guide for those many hours. First, he has to be the best at his job and second, he also has to be a trustworthy person.

For the first part of finding a good Driver, here’s an option you may want to try:

If you are staying in Delhi NCR region, and if you want to hire a Driver who is best at his job, try looking for one at INeedAHelp. It is an initiative which connects you directly with such Drivers in your vicinity. At the nominal fee of Rs.500/- only, it connects you with multiple Drivers. Additionally, every Driver that the platform connects you with is verified professionally for his ID & past Criminal Records if any.

And for the second part, to transform him into a person who you can trust, here are some of the initiatives we recommend:

  • Treat him right – Give him the treatment that you expect from him. If you treat him like ‘just a Driver,’ he will reciprocate in the same way and would treat you just like ‘an Employer.’ On the contrary, if you start treating him like your family member, he would do the same for you. In some cases, even much more than what you expect from him
  • Define his tasks clearly – Be utterly sure about what are the exact services the driver has to do. By services, we mean where and when he has to drive and what all other chores, if at all, he has to do. What would be the timings? Etc. Make a list of things and put it forth in the first meeting you have with the prospective Driver
  • Explain his Salary, with 100% clarity to him – Discuss the Salary, Date of Payment, Mode of Payment, etc. in advance and once you agree do not deny him his full pay. Additionally, explain him how would you compensate for his extra hours, his food & stay, if its an outstation trip, etc. However meager these things may sound, but when it comes to payment based on hours & type of engagement, it is always better to give the Driver a full clarity of how you would treat different scenarios
  • Management of his holidays & timeouts – Give him holidays and timeouts whenever possible because after all, he would also have a family to whom he would want to give some time.
  • Respect his right to privacy – In case if he wants to leave for his work, calls or any other important thing, let him do that without getting too much into the details. The more space you give him in his life, he would respect you also for the same.
  • Offer Lunch/Dinner at off hours or when on a long trip – As much as possible, ask him to stay for lunch/dinner if he has extended his daily work timing or if he is out with you on a long trip. Only by respecting his work and treating him as a family member, he can feel that longing and loyalty towards you to continue working with all his heart and passion
  • And finally, Control your Anger on him – Do not express your anger on the driver if you are going through any stress in your personal or professional life. Because you will spend so much of time with him, it is understandable that you might lose your temper and shout at him. Avoid it as far as possible. And even if someday it happens, please ensure to patch it up in your way, like the way you would have done it with any of your family members. Respect him, and he would do the same for you.

To conclude, finding a Driver is not difficult anymore. With INeedAHelp it is easy now. However, finding a person who you can trust could still be a bit challenging. Although, if you take a few little steps yourself, turning one into who you start believing & trusting is also not tough. If you do your bit, in turn, over a period of time, he would for sure work for you with his body and heart.

At INeedAHelp, you can also find Cooks, Babysitters, Security Guards, Store Helpers, Delivery Boys, Waiters, Salon Helpers and much more of such Helpers.

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