Verification for Maids is online, easy & simple. Know how?

Verification of maid

Verification for Maids, Drivers, Cooks or any other Domestic Worker is always a task.

Try the Professional Verification Services of Helpers Near Me and save yourself from all the hassle.

Accomplishing Background Verification for Maids, Cooks, Drivers or any other Domestic Worker who is working at your home is as challenging as finding them near you.

The usual offline choices are always available.

However, they seem quite cumbersome when you get into accomplishing them.

  1. First, you have to get a hard copy of the Police Verification Form / Background Verification Form from the local police station. At times you can also find it at your society’s admin office. In some cities, you also get the verification form online. However, mostly, the rest of the steps are still offline.
  2. Second, you fill the form for the Maid with her full detail
  3. Then you go and physically submit it to the nearest police station (or ask her to do so)
  4. At times, you even have to be personally present there with the Maid at the police station
  5. You may also have to revisit the place if the relevant documents are still pending
  6. In the end, after a few days, you pick up the approved & stamped copy of the Police Verification form of your Maid

In our busy lifestyle, this kind of exercise becomes so much of a task that most often, we never get into it.

We end up avoiding the verification for maids and other necessary checks until we can.

And it is the same for many of us.

The fact is that before hiring a Maid, Driver or other workers at our place, only about less than 10% of us go through the whole exercise of getting proper due diligence done.

And the rest of us just take a copy of the Maid’s / Driver’s ID and rely majorly on their reference.

Think about it: How sure are you of your Maid’s & Driver’s past, if you just rely on the ID copy?

Would the reference who got you the Maid or the Driver take her/his guarantee?

Can an ID copy ensure a safe environment for your family?

In reality, nobody takes anyone’s guarantee. And that’s a fact.

People may still refer to you Maids or Drivers, but the real assurance would come only after you’ve verified the credentials of the person in a professional way.

It would be an injustice to assume that the background of every Maid or Driver is stained.

An estimated 80-90% of Maids, Drivers, Cooks and other Workers are truly genuine people, trying to earn a respectful life.

Helpers Near Me connects with many such Maids, Drivers, and other Helpers, almost every day.

We can confidently say that a considerable percentage of blue-collar workers out there are truly genuine.

They all want to work diligently and earn a respectful living.

However, there are a few of them, who either want to make some quick money or have hidden motives.

Usually, it is this small set of workers who stain the entire Maids, Drivers, and other workers community.

By getting a proper Police Verification or a Professional Background Verification check done, one ensures the family is protected & secured in all possible ways.

To help you with background verification for Maids, Drivers or other domestic workers professionally, here’s a new initiative from Helpers Near Me.

It is an online Background Verification Service.

This service lets you verify your Maid, Driver or any other blue-collar worker online, and in the most convenient way possible.

Imagine, getting a detailed Background Verification Report of your Maid or Driver who is working at your place.

Here are 3 quick steps that you need to follow when you need your Maid’s Background Verification Report.

And all of this can be done directly through your mobile phones.

Step 1:

Visit the Background Verification page of Helpers Near Me.

Step 2:

Fill in your Maid’s necessary detail if you have it ready with you (Name, Phone, ID number & Address, if you have).

Step 3:

Make a secure payment of just Rs.199/-, either through your Paytm account or just by your Credit/Debit Card.

That is all it takes.

You just need to follow the above-mentioned basic steps to initiate your Verification request at Helpers Near Me.

Once your request is through, the Helpers Near Me team would contact you, if any further details are required.

Or if everything required is intact, you may directly get your Maid’s Background Verification Report in about 7-10 working days.

You don’t even need to go anywhere to pick the report.

You get the detailed Background Verification report of your Maid directly in your email inbox.

For every worker, Helpers Near Me follows a stringent 2/3-Step Verification Process:

1) ID Verification – At a basic level, the ID of your Maid is verified through genuine Government sources

2) Criminal/Court Records Checks – In this case, we scan the Criminal/Court Records of the Maid. This check is done through a reliable Government District portal that details out Criminal/Court Cases of individuals if there are any.

On a special request, at a little additional cost, Helpers Near Me also does a Physical Address Verification of the individual, which is the 3rd Step. In this case, a verifier visits the place and verifies the address of the individual.

Our associate company’s integration with UIDAI, NSDL, and reliable Government District portals ensure a diligent Background Verification of every individual’s credential that goes through the process.

With this kind of Professional Background Verification check, you get transparency into Maid’s & Driver’s Identity, Antecedents, and the Character.

This kind of Professional Verification check allows you to make an informed decision on the person you have already hired or are about to hire.

Such professional verification checks ensure a safe environment for your family at home.

If you are still relying on a copy of your Maid’s ID, and some references, we suggest you verify your Maid, Driver, Nanny, or other workers today!

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