How to find a good & reliable Babysitter?

Reliable Babysitter

A reliable Babysitter – Wondering how to find one?

It is not as challenging anymore.

Try Helpers Near Me and connect with multiple Babysitters near you in just a few minutes.

Helpers Near Me is a few years old DIPP recognised social startup working towards improving workers’ lives.

It enables WORKERS to find local employment directly from you, free of cost, and without the middlemen in between.

In turn, the platform helps YOU in finding & hiring nearby professionally verified workers at a nominal fee only, and again without the middlemen in between.

It is easy, quick, reliable & affordable. Helpers Near Me is a smart way to find & hire workers near you.

I need a reliable Babysitter! Have you ever wondered, when this thought pops up in your mind, what choices you have?

The obvious answers are:

  1. Ask the neighbors, friends or family living in the City
  2. Check with your current Maid if she knows someone
  3. Leave a note with your friend’s Maid

And then after all this, you wait till someone shows up on your doorstep.

It is even more challenging if you want a live-in Babysitter.

The question is if booking a movie ticket or ordering food could be so easy, why can’t finding a Babysitter, Maid, Cook, Driver or other Workers be as easy?

Well, from today, you have an option.

Try Helpers Near Me.

It is a platform that makes it easier for anyone to find a reliable Babysitter, Maid, Cook, Driver or other Workers near you.

There are no Agents, no Contractors and no Commissions involved in between.

Helpers Near Me is a simple platform that connects you directly with Helpers within your vicinity.

In this age of digitization, Helpers Near Me uses mobile & web technology to help people from the underprivileged community. It is helping them find relevant work opportunities in cities.

And in turn, the platform helps you find the Worker you are looking for – A reliable babysitter in this case.

Here’s a real story in brief that explains the concept of Helpers Near Me better:


Meet Siso, a girl from Jharkhand, who came to Delhi in 2015.

She was in need of a job that could fetch her some money. Siso wanted to take care of herself and send a little savings to her parents in her village.

She was not a Babysitter by choice. She always wanted to be a Sports Athlete and wanted to represent her college at the State level. And finally wanted to join forces or the police as a career.

But her financial situation at home brought her to Delhi. She had to give up on her career to earn her living & support her parents back home in the village.

Thankfully, Siso came across our representative, got herself registered at Helpers Near Me. She did not pay any amount of money to anyone to be a part of Helpers Near Me. She joined the platform free of cost and at her own will.

After a few weeks of her registration at Helpers Near Me, she got connected to a family in South Delhi where she currently works as a Babysitter.

The family was accommodating enough to ensure she studies whenever she gets some time.

Now, Siso earns her living, sends money to her parents and is also preparing for the career she had always dreamt of.

But come to think of it:

  • Is this the reality for many other Maids, Babysitters or Helpers out there?
  • How many Babysitters do we know who gets a decent family to live with, gets some decent money and is also allowed to pursue her career simultaneously?
  • Do they all work without the pressure of an Agent/Contractor?
  • How many of them get to take their full salary home and not share it with any agents in between?

Today, the reality is that many Helpers end up paying a decent portion of their salary to Agents or Contractors in between.

And this is not just for one month. Many Helpers get only a portion of their hard-earned salary, every month.

10 reasons why you should try Helpers Near Me when you need to find a good & reliable Babysitter:

1) The platform is helping the Workers find local employment

Through mobile & web technology, Helpers near me is trying to help the less educated underprivileged Workers.

The platform is helping them find Work Opportunities by connecting them directly with you.

Workers register here free of cost and on their free will

2) It is convenient, easy & organised

At Helpers near me, you can find a reliable Babysitter or other domestic workers at your convenience.

It is Easier, Simpler & Better. 5 minutes and just a click of a few buttons, that’s all it takes to find a Babysitter here

3) Professionally Verified Babysitters only, Safe Hiring

Helpers Near Me verifies the background of every Babysitter thoroughly.

The platform follows a 2/3 Step Verification Process for every Babysitter.

First, their IDs are verified. And second, their Criminal/Court Records are checked across thousands of District Courts in India.

At an additional nominal fee of just Rs.199/-, you can even get this detailed Background Verification report emailed to yourself

4) Connect with the nearby Babysitters 

The platform works in such a way that it lets you find multiple Babysitters in the vicinity of your house or search location.

5) Speak with multiple Babysitters, even though you need one 

Helpers Near Me connect you with multiple Babysitters in every order.

It gives choices so that you get to choose the best and reliable Babysitter among all the available options from around

6) Find best-rated Babysitters from a vast pool 

Helpers near me has hundreds of Babysitters registered on its platform.

So, when you place an order, you get the best of the choices available on the platform

7) Connect with Babysitters at a nominal fee only

At Helpers Near Me, you get to find multiple Babysitters at a nominal fee only (starting at Rs.99/-).

And once you hire your Babysitter from the available options, you don’t need to pay anything further. A nominal fee is all it takes

8) No Agents, Contractors or Commissions in between

At Helpers near me, you get to connect with all the Babysitters directly.

There are no middlemen in between. This option saves the additional commissions that you would have to pay otherwise if you approach them.

9) Babysitter earns her full salary

The process at Helpers near me ensures every Babysitter gets a full portion of her hard-earned salary

10) 100% Refund Policy

At Helpers Near Me, you either get to find your Babysitter or you get your 100% refund.

The refund policy at Helpers Near Me is quite friendly.

So, next time when you need a reliable Babysitter, a Maid or a Nanny, try looking for one at Helpers Near Me.

It brings together thousands of such Babysitters, Maids, Cooks, Drivers, Delivery Boys and many more such Helpers.

They are just waiting for one opportunity that could help them live a better life, without paying commission to anyone.

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We recommend hiring workers from Helpers Near Me.

Helpers Near Me is a DIPP-recognised startup.

Helpers Near Me enables millions of underprivileged and unorganized workers to find local employment, free of cost, directly from nearby employers, without middlemen in between.

In turn, the platform makes it easy, quick, reliable & affordable for millions of employers to find & hire nearby workers without the middlemen in between.

With a larger vision to end poverty, forced labour, worker exploitation, and human trafficking, Helpers Near Me is creating an inclusive economic growth ecosystem for India’s underprivileged unorganised blue-collar workforce.

The platform uses tech-led complex algorithms via its different digital platforms as a medium to establish a direct Employer-Worker connection.

Helpers Near Me also works closely with Government bodies and NGOs to help connect the blue-collar workforce with nearby employers.

Find how many Workers have joined the movement to connect with YOU directly.

Many of the workers have also received local employment opportunities.

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