How to find a reliable & genuine Maid without a Maid Agency?

Maid Agency

Have you ever tried a Maid Agency to find a Maid?

Were they reliable? Or is it that you had no other option left?

Try Helpers Near Me today and find multiple professionally verified Maids near you without the middlemen in between.

Helpers Near Me is a few years old DIPP recognised social startup working towards improving workers’ lives.

It enables WORKERS to find local employment directly from you, free of cost, and without the middlemen in between.

In turn, the platform helps YOU in finding & hiring nearby professionally verified workers at a nominal fee only, and again without the middlemen in between.

It is easy, quick, reliable & affordable. Helpers Near Me is a smart way to find & hire workers near you.

After having tried all the options of finding a Maid or a Babysitter, there’s one last solution that most of us living in Metro cities try – reaching out to a Maid Agency!

And since the need to have a Maid at that stage is always urgent, we usually go ahead with the option that opens up in front of us.

So, what do you do when you reach out to a Maid Agency?

  • First, you search for a ‘Maid Agency near me’ on the Internet
  • Or you find contacts of 1-2 Maid Agencies through your references
  • Next, you call them and let them know your requirement
  • You so ask a few fundamental questions on whether you can rely on them or not
  • And most importantly, you check how long it would take for them to help you have a Maid or a Babysitter

The challenge of finding a reliable Maid is tough in bigger cities.

And therefore, we don’t dwell much into the details of the Maid Agency, as long as the problem gets solved for us, in any manner it may be.

Historically, Maid Agencies have existed for years in the cities.

Even though it costs a few thousand extras, some are good, offer great service, and are recognized by close references.

But, there are plenty of Maid Agencies in almost every city in India that is not operating legitimately.

No wonder why we keep hearing stories like:

  • Maid ran away with valuables
  • The placement agency takes money, but Maid flees
  • Maid service agency duped a doctor in Delhi
  • Citizen’s experiences with fake agencies

There are many such stories that we keep hearing from different parts of the city at different points in time.

These stories have become fairly common now.

Furthermore, if you have gone past the stage of finding a Maid through a Maid Agency, there are many further challenges one has to deal with.

Some of the common challenges that most of us face with the Maid Agency:

  1. An element of doubt on their credibility & reliability: Some of the common questions that occur to your mind are – How credible is the Maid Agency that you are dealing with? Will the Maid Agency ensure you get a reliable Maid? Can the Agent guarantee a safe recruit? Is it possible that the Maid Agency shares the past credentials of the Maid you hire? Would the Agency be there to help you if you face any problems?
  2. A full transparency issue: Will the Maid Agency be entirely transparent in its procedures? Will they share all the details of the Maid in absolute transparency?
  3. Question on how they treat the Maids? Does the Maid Agency treat their Maids with respect? How are they connected with the Maids? Are the Maids working with the agency willingly, or have they been forced to do the job of a Maid out of some liability or any hidden reason? Are the Maids being treated as Working Professionals?
  4. Uncertain financial transactions: Will the Maid Agency give the Maid the right amount of monthly salary? Would they provide the full amount that you give them, or would they charge a hefty commission from her every month’s salary? We often hear stories where the agencies charge exorbitant money from the customers but pay the Maids in peanuts.
  5. And finally, are the Maids reliable enough? It is very natural to be concerned about the Maid’s reliability. Since the Maid will be with your family, children & elders for a long period and will have access to the entire house, it is essential that the new person is reliable enough and we know her background in as much detail.

These challenges are always there, many before hiring a Maid and a few after.

Some doubts get answered; for the rest, most of us take a bit of risk and move on.

So, how do you find a Maid if you are not getting one easily?

Is there any way to ensure the Maid Agency you are in touch with is legitimate?

How can you ensure the Maid Agency does every bit of transaction diligently, deals with the Maids in the right way and is entirely transparent in dealing with you?

In our opinion, when dealing with a Maid Agency, most of the questions will always remain unanswered.

However, the problem of finding a Maid does get answered in the most earnest way possible.

Meet Helpers Near Me.

Helpers Near Me is a few years old DIPP-recognized social startup. The platform works closely with the Government and a few NGOs to help Workers in local employment.

It enables the Workers to find local employment free of cost.

In turn, it helps Employers like yourself find workers near you, without any middlemen in between.

The platform allows you the find a Maid, Babysitter and many such Domestic Workers in the most efficient & legitimate way possible.

7 things you may want to know about Helpers Near Me:

  1. It is a DIPP-recognized social startup. It is not an agency, agent or contractor.
  2. Helpers Near Me works closely with Government and a few NGOs. That’s one of the ways workers join the platform.
  3. Helpers Near Me helps the workers free of cost and without any middlemen in between
  4. The platform helps you connect with the Workers directly
  5. So far, thousands of workers have joined Helpers Near Me to connect with Employers like yourself. And many have received employment as well.
  6. Many employers like yourself have tried the platform. Read some of the customer reviews.
  7. The platform also has a What’s Trending Tool that can help you check the salaries trending around your location. Find the trending salaries for Live-in Maids (or any other profile of workers) around your location.

Here are 5 compelling reasons for trying Helpers Near Me when you need to find a Domestic Maid:

1) Absolute Credibility & Reliability:

The credibility of Helpers Near Me comes from the way the platform has shaped itself.

Furthermore, Helpers Near Me works closely with Skill India and some of the oldest NGOs.

With a vision to end poverty, forced labour, worker exploitation, and human trafficking, Helpers Near Me is working towards creating an ecosystem of inclusive economic growth for unorganised workers.

Helpers Near Me uses complex algorithms via its different digital platforms as a medium to enable the less educated, uneducated, unskilled, partly skilled or skilled unorganised workers to find nearby Work Opportunities.

In turn, the platform helps Employers/Customers find and hire nearby Blue-collar workers without the middlemen in between.

So, why have a Maid Agency or an Agent in between?

And why pay the Agents an extra amount of money & commissions every month?

Furthermore, every Maid & the Helper is professionally verified at ‘Helpers Near Me’ before becoming part of the platform.

‘Helpers near me’ follows a professional 2/3 Step Verification process before connecting any Helper with its system.

Additionally, you also have an option to have access to the detailed report of the Maid’s background.

2) 100% Transparency:

The platform maintains 100% transparency in its entire process.

You get to see the profile of Maids & Helpers before you pay the nominal fee starting at Rs.99/-.

There are no additional or hidden charges beyond what you pay at the time of your order.

Within this nominal price, you get to connect with multiple Maids.

Once connected, there’s direct communication that you have with the Maids.

There’s no further interference from Helpers Near Me.

3) Give the Maids & Helpers their due respect:

Every worker available on Helpers Near Me carries their self-respect.

They join the platform of their own will.

Like other professionals, every Helper is given every right to look for the kind of work they want.

They also have a choice to remain ‘inactive’ on the platform if they want. Or be in an ‘active’ mode when seeking a job.

They are treated as working professionals on this platform.

And not a single rupee is charged for this entire service.

For every Helper, being a part of Helpers Near Me is free of cost.

4) Clean financial transactions:

As mentioned above, there is direct communication between the Maids and you as a Customer.

Even the salary that you pay to the Maid goes directly to her.

There’s no intervention from the side of Helpers Near Me after the platform has connected you with the Helper.

However, if you face any problem, the Customer Care team at Helpers Near Me is always there to resolve the concerns, most of them usually within 24 hrs.

Additionally, Helpers Near Me also follows a 100% Customer-friendly refund policy. This ensures that your nominal fee is safe.

5) You get to find reliable Maids & Workers:

As detailed earlier, every Maid & Helper is professionally verified at Helpers Near Me before becoming part of it.

Helpers Near Me follows a professional 2/3 Step Verification process before connecting any Helper with its system.

You also get an option to have a detailed report on the Maid’s background.

Furthermore, in every transaction, you connect with multiple Maids, and you get to pick & choose from all the options given.

So, technically, you get to choose the most reliable one out of the lot, with a documented background report, if needed.

To summarize, Helpers Near Me helps you solve the problem of finding a Maid in the most sincere way possible.

Similarly, it also helps you find a Private Driver, Cook, Babysitter, Delivery Boys, Store Helpers, Peons, and many others.

As far as Maid Agencies are concerned, dealing with many still comes with a pinch of salt and your share of risk.

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We recommend hiring workers from Helpers Near Me.

Helpers Near Me is a DIPP-recognised startup.

Helpers Near Me enables millions of underprivileged and unorganized workers to find local employment, free of cost, directly from nearby employers, without middlemen in between.

In turn, the platform makes it easy, quick, reliable & affordable for millions of employers to find & hire nearby workers without the middlemen in between.

With a larger vision to end poverty, forced labour, worker exploitation, and human trafficking, Helpers Near Me is creating an inclusive economic growth ecosystem for India’s underprivileged unorganised blue-collar workforce.

The platform uses tech-led complex algorithms via its different digital platforms as a medium to establish a direct Employer-Worker connection.

Helpers Near Me also works closely with Government bodies and NGOs to help connect the blue-collar workforce with nearby employers.

Find how many Workers have joined the movement to connect with YOU directly.

Many of the workers have also received local employment opportunities.

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