Want a Full time Maid in Noida in 2023?

Finding Full time Maids in Noida is not a difficult task anymore in 2023. 

Whether Full time Maids, Full Day Maids, Part time Maids, Cooks, Babysitters or Elder Care Attendants, you can find all of them on Helpers Near Me now.

And with no maid agencies in between, you save enough on the full time maid cost that you otherwise pay as a commission.

Try Helpers Near Me now and connect with a few maids today.

HELPERS NEAR ME (HNM) helps you find & hire legally verified workers near you. The platform uses technology and a lot of groundwork to help you connect directly with workers without any middlemen or commissions. On the other end, HNM helps the underprivileged workers of India find local employment, free of cost, directly from nearby employers like yourself. From time to time, HNM also engages with Government bodies and NGOs to spread the accessibility of the platform to as many workers all over India as possible. 

The cities of India have unbelievably transformed themselves.

This change in cities significantly impacts the lives of people living in them.

Living in a city today is more complicated than about 10 years ago.

The regular working hours per day, around 7 hours earlier, have now expanded to 9-10 hours a day.

The population density is also high because many people are coming into cities to settle down.

Enough crowd & traffic on the road has invariably increased the commuting time to and from the place of work.

People spend extended hours in their offices, and as a result, the time a person spends on themselves & family has been reduced by a great deal.

How much does a Full time Maid cost in Noida in 2023? What is the right salary per month or charge for hiring a Full time Maid in Noida in 2023?

The average monthly cost of hiring a Full time Maid in Noida in 2023 varies between ₹17,000 to ₹18,000.

Within this salary range, their primary task may vary from Cooking, Housekeeping, and Babysitting to Elder Care, but they are usually open to all the other household chores.

In some cases, the Full time Maids even charge between ₹20,000 to ₹25,000, but they are usually the Maids who work with Expats and are far more experienced than those who haven’t worked for Expats earlier.

Likewise, Full Day Maids (also referred to as Full time Maids by many of us), who work for about 10-12 hrs, charge between ₹13,000 to ₹14,000.

(SOURCE – SalaryTracker)

Do you want to check the Full time Maid cost in Noida in 2023? Try SalaryTracker. It is a free salary tracking tool for 100+ profiles of Workers near you.

As expected, this change has limitations on how much time one spends with self, family, friends & relatives.

And on top of this, hundreds of household tasks take countless time.

And especially if you are the lady of the house, you ensure many things almost daily.


  • Getting a regular house cleaning done,
  • Ensuring everyone’s clothes are cleaned and ironed,
  • Making sure the food gets prepared on time and with enough care,
  • Taking out some extra time for random household needs,
  • Full day-long preparation for a party at home in the evening,
  • Ensuring the elders in the family are attended to, as required,

And much more of such everyday needs.

These are all critical & essential tasks but very time-consuming as well.

So, how do you ensure you get everything done in your busy life every day?

How do you ensure that you attend your Office every day and yet your household chores are well taken care of?

Would it not relieve you significantly if there were extra helping hands to help you with all such tasks?

It sounds interesting on the face of it, although finding such Helping Hands in a city like Noida has always been a challenge.

Asking the nearest friend and neighbours could only get you a few options in a few days or weeks.

Try Helpers Near Me today.

Helpers Near Me is not an agency, agent or contractor. It is a DIPP-recognized startup that helps blue-collar workers in finding local employment.

It does so by connecting them directly with employers like yourself.

Helpers Near Me helps the workers free of cost. And it charges just a nominal fee from you for the service – starting at ₹99 only.

11 promising reasons why you should try Helpers Near Me when you are looking for a Full time Maid or a Full Day Maid in Noida in 2023:

1) Convenient, Easy & Organized

Helpers Near Me is an Easier, Simpler and Better way of finding Helpers.

5 minutes and just a click of a few buttons is all it takes to find Full time or Part time Maids at Helpers Near Me.

Finding Maids was never as easy and as organised earlier.

2) Professionally Verified Maids only

Helpers Near Me follows a 2/3 Step Verification Process for every person registered with the platform.

Everyone individual’s ID and Court/Criminal Records are checked in detail at the neighbouring District Courts around their addresses.

Learn more about the 2/3 Step Verification Process at Helpers Near Me.

Furthermore, you can also get your Maid verified by this process. It does not matter if they were from Helpers Near Me or elsewhere.

The primary objective is to help you get proper due diligence done for your Maid before or soon after hiring her.

3) Connect with nearby Full time Maids

Helpers Near Me connects you with Maids, preferably within 1-2 km of your search location.

They may be Full time Maids available for 24 hrs work or Full Day Maids available for the entire day, morning till evening.

Or they could be Part time Maids, available for only a few hours, morning or evening.

4) Speak to multiple Maids at a time

If available, Helpers Near Me connects you with multiple Maids nearby, not just one or two.

Honestly, you also want choices, and always!

Moreover, when you want to hire a Maid permanently, you always want to meet with a few before deciding who to hire.

To give you enough choices, Helpers Near Me tries connecting you with as many options as possible from around your location.

5) Find & Hire Maids at a nominal fee only

At Helpers Near Me, you can connect with multiple Maids at a starting fee of ₹99.

There are no additional charges.

Except only when you want access to the Maid’s background verification report.

But the report is also available to you at a nominal fee of ₹199

So, technically, the entire transaction happens at a nominal fee only.

Unlike many maid service agencies, there are no commissions at Helpers Near Me.

A nominal fee is all you pay.

6) Get the best-shortlisted Maids from a vast pool of Workers

A unique rating system allows Helpers Near Me to connect you with the best Full time Maids or Part time Maids from around your search location.

This unique rating system at Helpers Near Me is one of a kind.

The Rating System is designed on a sophisticated algorithm, ensuring you always get the best options around your location.

7) Empowers the Maids to connect with you directly

Helpers Near Me supports the Maids and many other workers in finding nearby work opportunities.

The platform does so by connecting the Maids directly with you.

She can decide and opt for the work out of her own will by connecting directly with you.

No one influences her decision.

Furthermore, the maid gets to decide her salary as well.

In turn, this process helps her take control of her life and her source of income.

The maids join Helpers Near Me willingly and free of cost.

8) No middlemen & commissions in between

At Helpers Near Me, since you connect with the Maids directly, there are no middlemen & commissions in between.

Traditionally, maid service agencies have always made their commissions in between. They charge commissions from you, as well as the Maids.

At Helpers Near Me. there are no such commissions in between.

It is a straightforward digital platform that brings you and the workers together so that you can connect and take care of each other’s requirements.

9) The Maid gets to earn her full salary

Every Maid or Worker hired through Helpers Near Me can earn a full salary.

They get all they earn without having to pay commissions to someone else.

Even now, many maid service agencies and contractors who provide housekeeping services at offices take salaries directly from you or the company and pay the worker after deducting a monthly percentage.

Since there are no middlemen in between, you save the extra commission on the full time maid cost you incur, and the Maid saves as well.

If you analyse this critically, you save a decent sum of a few thousand on the full time maid cost when you hire one from Helpers Near Me.

10) Safe & Secure Payment

Every transaction processed at Helpers Near Me goes through recognised payment gateways like Paytm & Cashfree.

Your details are entirely secured & protected against any unauthorised transactions.

11) Customer-friendly 100% Refund Policy

Helpers Near Me follows an excellent 100% Refund Policy.

Every transaction that you go through here comes with an assurance of helping you find a Full time Maid or any other worker that you might want to search for on the platform.

For every genuine reason, the refunds at Helpers Near Me are processed without any questions asked.

Learn more about the 100% Refund Policy at Helpers Near Me.

Imagine what this convenience brings you when you need to find a Full time Maid in Noida in 2023.

So, whether it is for house cleaning, gardening, assisting the elders, taking care of small babies or helping you in the kitchen, finding Full time Maids in Noida is not that difficult anymore.

Try Helpers Near Me today, and save yourself from the troubles of hiring one from maid service agencies.

You can also find Drivers, Cooks, Babysitters, Security Guards, Store Helpers, Delivery Boys, Waiters, Salon Helpers and many more Workers at Helpers Near Me.

Are you still hiring a Full time Maid in Noida locally through referrals or maid agencies? Understand the drawbacks. Reconsider your options. Try HNM today.

Hiring Full time Maid in Noida locally through referrals or maid agencies is a common practice, but it also comes with drawbacks and challenges.

Understand the potential drawbacks here and reconsider your options:

1. Hiring full time maids locally means you have limited choices & flexibility

Whether hiring locally or through referrals, you may have a limited pool of Full time Maids to choose from.

Your options are often restricted to the people you know or those available in your immediate vicinity.

Furthermore, HNM offers flexibility regarding the type of domestic help you seek.

Whether you need a full time maid, full day maid, part time maid, cook, babysitter, or elderly caregiver, you can find domestic workers with the specific skills and availability at Helpers Near Me.

Benefits with Helpers Near Me: If available near your location, you will always find enough options for workers at HNM.

You will also have the flexibility of choosing from a list of 100+ profiles of workers.

2. When you hire full time maids locally, there’s always a lack of proper screening, transparency & documentation

When hiring through referrals, locally or through maid agencies, you may not have access to complete details about the full time maid, relevant documents like Aadhar, Voter Card or Driving License (for Car Drivers), comprehensive background checks or references.

This can increase the risk of hiring a full time maid with an inadequate work history or potentially questionable background.

Benefits with Helpers Near Me: HNM creates detailed profiles with information about worker’s skills, experiences, and references. Before onboarding the workers, HNM also gathers relevant documents to help you in the hiring process.

This transparency can help you make informed decisions about who to hire.

3. Security concerns are high when you hire full time maids locally or through a maid agency

When you hire a full time maid in Noida locally or through maid agencies, without proper background checks and verifications, you may expose your home and family to potential security risks when hiring locally through referrals or maid agencies.

Benefits with Helpers Near Me: HNM follows a 2/3 step background verification process before onboarding any full time maid.

This stringent verification process ensures proper screening of every worker.

4. When you hire full time maids locally, ratings and reviews to assess worker’s suitability at your place are always missing

When you hire a full time maid locally through referrals or a maid agency, you will never be able to have ratings and reviews of the worker.

You are always in the dark and hire based on assumptions if such important information is unavailable on the worker you are about to hire or have already hired.

Benefits with Helpers Near Me: For every worker at Helpers Near Me, the platform includes ratings and reviews based on important factors like feedback from previous employers (if available), distance to work, prior experience, vaccination status, background checks, etc.

Collectively, this feedback can give you insights into a worker’s suitability at your place, ethics, reliability, and performance, which eventually will help you make an informed choice.

5. Hiring full time maids locally or through maid agencies means the entire experience will be either costly, inconvenient or time-consuming

When you hire a full time maid locally through referrals or a maid agency, it will always be costly, time-consuming and inconvenient for you.

You will pay huge commissions if you take the help of maid agencies. Additionally, there will always be enough coordination involved.

The entire experience will never be as convenient.

Benefits with Helpers Near Me: HNM is the most convenient and cost-effective way of hiring a full time maid in Noida.

You can connect with ample nearby profiles, compare the available choices, and contact them at your convenience, eliminating the need for physical visits with everyone or reliance on maid agencies.

Furthermore, HNM will always be cost-effective as you will save on the commissions involved while using the middlemen for hiring a full time maid in Noida.

And with HNM, you can do all of this in the comfort of your home by just using your smartphone.

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We recommend hiring workers from Helpers Near Me. Here’s why:

Helpers Near Me uses technology and a lot of groundwork to help you connect directly with workers without any middlemen or commissions.

On one end, HNM helps the underprivileged workers of India find local employment, free of cost, directly from nearby employers like yourself. On the other, the digital infrastructure built around HNM makes it easy, quick, reliable & affordable for anyone to find & hire 100+ profiles of nearby workers.

With a vision to end poverty, forced labour, worker exploitation, and human trafficking, HNM is working towards building an unbiased and inclusive digital ecosystem where the underprivileged workforce of India can join the platform easily and access local employment free of cost, with or without smartphones.

HNM believes having enough local employment opportunities allows the workers to find a better working environment, better salaries and a chance to improve their and their families’ quality of life.

From time to time, HNM also engages with Government bodies and NGOs to spread the accessibility of the platform to as many workers all over India as possible.

Find how many Workers have joined the movement to connect with YOU directly.

Many of the workers have also received local employment opportunities.