How to find a good & reliable home Cook in Delhi?


To find a good & reliable home Cook in Delhi NCR is quite a challenge.

Here’s a brilliant solution – Helpers Near Me

“Mumma, I want to eat pizza today.”

“Mumma, I don’t like the baigan ki sabzi, I want noodles.”

“We have guests coming for dinner tonight, kuch acchae dishes bana dena.”

“Aaj nashte mein we want something spicy and crispy. Could you please make some Pakodas & Kachoris?

Isn’t this similar to different food demands that even you get every day at home?

So, whether you are a Working Mother or a Housewife, Free or Dead Tired, and whether you cook Traditional Indian or Chinese well, the demands and choices for food at home never stop.

Ask any woman today.

Whether you are staying in a joint family or staying alone with your small family, when it comes to the idea of a vacation, our immediate reply comes out as –

“We need the vacation to get a leave from the kitchen & cooking for a while”

Many might think of this thought as a bit exaggerated.

Or some might just shrug it off with humor.

But in reality, it is one of the most tiresome and stressful domestic tasks that a woman goes through, three times a day, and every day.

A woman like yourself has to juggle many other things in life:

  • Taking care of your children,
  • Ensuring your In-Laws needs are met if they are staying with you,
  • Your job, if you are working along with
  • Shopping for groceries,
  • Managing every day’s laundry, etc.

Along with all these other chores, cooking every day thrice becomes a compulsion and at times a considerable burden, with no escape.

It is not that you don’t like cooking, but doing it every day, along with many other tasks makes the whole cooking process a job, rather than a source of enjoyment of serving good food to the family.

In such times, having an extra helping hand is a great relief.

Hiring a good home Cook who could either help in cooking or could cook for the family doesn’t seem like a luxury, but a necessity that ensures everything else in life could be taken care of.

Even though we stay in metro cities, traditionally, our country has been famous for its talented khansamas, bawarchis, and pundits.

They were called from across the cities to cook delicacies for special occasions.

Today as well, there are plenty of Cooks available out there, but it is difficult to find a person who can understand the food and taste requirements of a family.

If the Cook treats the house as her own and learns the unique way in which food could be cooked for the family, it becomes icing on the cake.

And gradually, in such a case, she becomes an integral part of the family.

In most of the metro cities of India today, finding such a home cook is a big challenge.

Most of the “cook hunt” is done by checking with neighbors, friends, relatives or colleagues. And the choice is always limited.

Also, there is no guarantee that the cook will match up to your family’s expectations – especially of the children.

Or there might be a great cook, available right in your locality, but you will never know till you find her through different resources.

Thankfully, if you are staying in Delhi NCR region, the challenge of finding a Cook can be solved very easily.

Meet Helpers near me

It is an initiative which is working towards making it easier for You and the Cook to find each other, easily & directly.

There are around 75+ different Categories of Helpers that you can find through Helpers Near Me.

Cook is one of the much sought after category of Helpers along with other categories including Maids, Babysitters, Elder Care Helpers, Car Washers, Private Drivers, Full Day Maids, Part time Maids, and others.

There are thousands of such Helpers who have registered themselves on ‘‘Helpers near me’.

So, when you try finding a home Cook in Delhi on the platform, it automatically connects you with multiple Cooks from nearby localities.

With a vision of eradicating Forced Labour, Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Poverty, Helpers near me, started its operation in 2016.

It is a DIPP recognized startup, which uses Advanced Digital Platform as a medium to provide Work Opportunities to the less educated Unskilled, Skilled & Partly Skilled Unorganized Workers from the Bottom of the Pyramid.

The platform connects the Workers (Cook, in your case) directly with the Employers (You, in this case), without any middlemen in between.

Click here to read more about the platform.

Here are 10 benefits of trying ‘Helpers near me‘ when you need to find a good & reliable home Cook in Delhi:

1) It is Convenient & Easy to Use

At ‘Helpers near me’, you can find Cooks at your convenience.

It is Easier, Simpler & Better. 5 minutes is all it takes to find a Cook for home on Helpers near me

3) Connect with the nearest Cook

‘Helpers near me’ connects you with Cooks available in your vicinity.

By far, this App is the most convenient way one can find a Cook for home from nearby.

4) Nominal fee only

In life, many things costs, but some of the things in life should not cost you as much.

More so when you are helping somebody by giving the person a source of income and a means to live a better life.

At ‘Helpers near me’, you can connect with multiple Cooks at less than ₹500 only.

There are no additional charges beyond what you pay while placing your order.

You, as a Customer, are free to hire whoever you like. You can hire just one or even a few of them if you have a party or any such gathering at your place.

5) Find your Cook for home from a vast pool

‘Helpers near me’ has thousands of Cooks, MaidsBabysitters & other Domestic Helpers (along with many Workplace Helpers) registered on its platform.

They’ve all become a part of ‘Helpers near me’ so that they could get in touch with nearby Employers directly, without any middlemen in between.

So, when you look for a home Cook in Delhi at ‘Helpers near me’ you get to connect with the best ones and the nearest ones to you.

6) Professionally Verified Cooks, Maids & Helpers only

‘Helpers near me’ follows a 2 Step Verification Process for every Cook, Maid & other Helpers registered on its platform.

Every Cook’s IDs & Criminal/Court Records gets checked in detail.

And at a nominal fee of Rs.199/- only, you also get access to the detailed report on the Cook’s background, which is sent to your email address.

This kind of a professional check not only ensures faith for the Helper but also provides the necessary security to you as a Customer.

7) Choice of finding multiple home Cooks in Delhi

With every search, ‘Helpers near me’ connects you with multiple Cooks from around your search location.

Imagine connecting to several Cooks at the touch of a few buttons only.

And since your requirements from your Cook for home is very personal to you, so the platform lets you call & connect with all the Cooks.

Directly connecting with the Cooks makes it easier for you to discuss your specific requirements with all of them.

Even the salary part is left in between You & the Cook to decide so that you get to find one who fits your budget. Likewise, the Cook gets the salary that he/she wants.

8) Free of Cost for Cooks

Every Cook, Maid & other Helper registered at ‘Helpers near me’ comes on board without paying any money to anyone in between.

‘Helpers near me’ is a ‘Free of Cost’ service for the Workers.

Likewise, it is a service available to You at a very nominal fee.

9) No Agents, Agencies or Contractors in between

There are no middlemen involved in the entire process of connecting the Cooks, Maids & other Helpers to You.

‘Helpers near me’ never works as an Agent or a Contractor. It is a free platform for all Unorganized Workers (Cooks, in this case).

They can become a part of the system and connect with nearby Employers (You, in this case) directly.

10) Social Enablement to the Helpers

Helpers near me‘ is striving to provide the Helpers a professional way to find Work Opportunities.

In many cities, Helpers end up paying a hefty commission to agents & contractors just to get some work.

But when they register at ‘Helpers near me’, they get Work Opportunities directly from the Customers, without paying any money to anyone in between. This saves them a lot of time, money and energy for them as well.

So, next time when you need to find a home Cook in Delhi, try ‘Helpers near me’.

With multiple options of Cooks, at less than Rs.500/-, you get an opportunity to find the one that’s perfect for your requirement.

Isn’t this Simpler!

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# To verify the credentials of your current Maid, Driver or any Helper, try the Professional Verification Services of Helpers near me

We recommend hiring Helpers from Helpers Near Me.

With a vision of eradicating Forced Labour, Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Poverty, INeedAHelp Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Helpers Near Me), a few-year-old DIPP recognized startup, uses Advanced Digital Platform as a medium to provide Work Opportunities to the less educated Unskilled, Skilled & Partly Skilled Unorganized Workers from the Bottom of the Pyramid.

We do so by connecting the Workers directly with the Employer (Individuals, Families, Small Business Owners & Corporates), without any middlemen in between

It is an initiative towards organizing the life of underprivileged from our society. When you hire from Helpers Near Me, a Helper gets to find some work without paying commission to anyone. Furthermore, they also get to earn a full portion of their salary.

Find how many Helpers have joined the movement to connect with You directly.

Many of them have also received Work Opportunities.

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