How to find a good cook for home near me?

Searching for a good Cook for home near me online?

Finding a perfect cook is always a big challenge.

Try Helpers Near Me and find a good Cook for home today. 

HELPERS NEAR ME is a few years old DIPP recognised social startup. The platform enables WORKERS to find local employment directly from you, free of cost, without middlemen. In turn, the platform helps YOU in finding & hiring nearby legally verified workers at a nominal fee, and again without the middlemen. Helpers Near Me works closely with Government bodies & NGOs to create an ecosystem of inclusive economic growth for India’s underprivileged & unorganised workforce. The platform uses technology to establish a direct Employer-Worker connection. It is Easy, Quick, Reliable & quite Affordable. 

Today, for a working mother or a nuclear family, a Cook for home has become an integral part of their lives.

Even for Students, Bachelors or Joint families, a Cook can become a significant lifesaver.

In India, since times immemorial, we have had a tradition where every family had (permanent or occasional) a Maharaj who helped the mothers and women in cooking.

They also did many other cooking tasks like cutting, chopping, slicing, peeling, etc.

Otherwise, all of these are quite stressful for the lady of the house. And more so when the food needs to be cooked thrice every day.

How much does a Cook for home ? What is the right monthly salary or charge for hiring a Cook for home?

The average monthly cost of hiring a Cook for home varies between ₹7,500 to ₹10,000 for cooking 3 meals for an average family of 4 members.

They usually prefer coming twice a day – once in the morning for breakfast & lunch and again in the evening for Dinner.

(SOURCE – SalaryTracker)

Do you want to check the Cook cost near you? Try SalaryTracker. It is a free salary tracking tool for 100+ profiles of Workers near you.

Today, it’s a challenge to find a good Cook who will understand the taste and nutrition needs of the family members.

If a family has recently shifted to a new locality where the residential societies and apartments are newly built, it reduces the chances of finding a cook even more.

The reality is that many good Cooks are available, but there are limited resources to find them.

Because usually, the process of Cook hunting starts with the Neighbors, Maid in a relative’s house, and Aunty’s maid and ends at Mummy’s friend’s Sister’s Bahu.

And sadly, there is a fat chance that one can get a good and reliable Cook based on the limited contacts and network one can summon.

Thankfully, this problem of finding a good Cook can now be solved with Helpers Near Me at a click of a button.

Helpers Near Me is a social startup working towards making it easier for You and the Cook to find each other easily & directly.

There are around 100+ different Categories of Helpers that you can find through Helpers Near Me.

Cook is one of the much sought-after categories of Workers, including Maids, Babysitters, Elder Care Helpers, Car Washers, Private Drivers, Full Day Maids, Part time Maids, and others.

Thousands of such helpers have registered themselves on Helpers Near Me.

So, when you try finding a Cook for home near you on the platform, it automatically connects you with multiple Cooks from nearby localities.

With a vision of eradicating Forced Labour, Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Poverty, Helpers Near Me started its operation in 2016.

It is a DIPP-recognized startup which uses an Advanced Digital Platform as a medium to provide Work Opportunities to the less educated Unskilled, Skilled & Partly Skilled Unorganized Workers from the Bottom of the Pyramid.

The platform connects the Workers (Cook, in your case) directly with the Employers (You, in this case), without any middlemen in between.

Read more about Helpers Near Me.

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Here are 9 benefits of trying Helpers Near Me when you need to find a Cook for home near you: 

1) It is Convenient & Easy to Use

You can find Cooks at your convenience at Helpers Near Me.

It is Easier, Simpler & Better. 5 minutes is all it takes to find a Cook for home on Helpers Near Me.

2) Connect with the nearest Cook for home

Helpers Near Me connects you with Cooks available in your vicinity.

Helpers Near Me is the most convenient way to find a Cook for home near you.

3) Find a Cook at a nominal fee only

Many things cost in life, but some things should not cost you as much.

More so when helping somebody by giving the person a source of income and a means to live a better life.

At Helpers Near Me, you can connect with multiple Cooks at a fee starting from ₹99.

There are no additional charges beyond what you pay while placing your order.

You, as a Customer, are free to hire whoever you like. You can hire just one or even a few if you have a party or gathering at your place.

4) Find your Cook for home from a vast pool

Helpers Near Me has thousands of Cooks, MaidsBabysitters & other Domestic Helpers (along with many Workplace Helpers) registered on its platform.

They’ve all become a part of Helpers Near Me so they can contact nearby Employers directly, without any middlemen.

So, when you look for Cook for home near you at Helpers Near Me, you connect with the best and the nearest ones to you.

5) Professionally Verified Cooks, Maids & Helpers only

Helpers Near Me follows a 2/3 Step Verification Process for every Cook, Maid & other Helper registered on its platform.

Every Cook’s IDs & Criminal/Court Records get checked in detail.

And at a nominal fee of Rs.199/- only, you also get access to the detailed report on the Cook’s background, which is sent to your email address.

This professional check ensures faith for the Helper and provides the necessary security to you as a Customer.

6) Choice of finding multiple Cooks for home near you

With every search, ‘Helpers near me’ connects you with multiple Cooks from around your search location.

Imagine connecting to several Cooks at the touch of a few buttons only.

And since your requirements from your Cook for home are very personal, the platform lets you call & connect with all the Cooks.

Directly connecting with the Cooks makes it easier for you to discuss your specific requirements with all of them.

Even the salary part is left between You & the Cook to decide so you can find one who fits your budget. Likewise, the Cook gets the salary that he/she wants.

7) Free of Cost for Cooks

Every Cook, Maid & other Helper registered at ‘Helpers near me’ comes on board without paying any money to anyone in between.

Helpers Near Me is a ‘Free of Cost’ service for Workers.

Likewise, it is a service that is available to You at a very nominal fee.

8) No Agents, Agencies or Contractors in between

No middlemen are involved in connecting the Cooks, Maids & other Helpers to You.

Helpers Near Me never works as an Agent or a Contractor with them. It is a free platform for all Unorganized Workers (Cooks, in this case).

They can become a part of the system and connect directly with nearby Employers (You, in this case).

9) Social Enablement to the Helpers

Helpers Near Me is working towards helping 100+ profiles of Blue-collar workers in finding local employment.

In many cities, Workers pay a hefty commission to agents & contractors to get some work.

But when they register at Helpers Near Me, they get local work opportunities directly from the Customers (You, in this case), without paying any money to anyone in between.

This saves them a lot of time, money and energy.

So, next time you need to find a Cook for home near you, try Helpers Near Me.

With multiple Cooks options, at a nominal fee, you get an opportunity to find the one that’s perfect for your requirement.

Isn’t this simpler?

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We recommend hiring workers from Helpers Near Me.

Helpers Near Me is a DIPP-recognised startup.

Helpers Near Me enables millions of underprivileged and unorganized workers to find local employment, free of cost, directly from nearby employers, without middlemen.

In turn, the platform makes it easy, quick, reliable & affordable for millions of employers to find & hire nearby workers without middlemen.

With a larger vision to end poverty, forced labour, worker exploitation, and human trafficking, Helpers Near Me is creating an inclusive economic growth ecosystem for India’s underprivileged unorganised blue-collar workforce.

The platform uses tech-led complex algorithms via its different digital platforms as a medium to establish a direct Employer-Worker connection.

Helpers Near Me also works closely with Government bodies and NGOs to help connect the blue-collar workforce with nearby employers.

Find how many Workers have joined the movement to connect with YOU directly.

Many of the workers have also received local employment opportunities.