Background Verification for Drivers in Amritsar, Punjab is easy in 2024.

Verify the background of your Drivers in Amritsar, Punjab Online & in a far more Professional way | It is Quick & Easy - 3 Steps only | Fee – ₹199 | Get a detailed Verification Report of your Drivers in Amritsar, Punjab within 10-15 working days

Which profile of Workers should you get verified in 2024?

Domestic Workers

Domestic Workers

To give a safe environment to your family, you should get every individual verified who is working at your home - Drivers, Maids, Cooks, Babysitters, Servants and others.

Restaurants & Hotels Staff

Restaurants & Hotels Staff

To ensure that your guests have a wonderful experience at your place, you should verify the background of your staff like Waiters, Housekeeping Staff, Cooks, Cleaners, Billing Person, Frontdesk staff and others

Logistic Staff

Logistic Staff

To ensure that your Customer's valuables are secured, you should verify the background of your logistics staff like Truck Drivers, Assistant to Truck Drivers, Logistics Executives, Loaders / Unloaders and others

School Workers

School Workers

To ensure that the kids are safe in every aspect, you should verify the background of your School Bus Drivers, School Cab Drivers, Assistant to Drivers, School Maids, School Housekeeping Staff, Security Guards and others

Store Workers

Store Workers

To ensure that all the valuable items & products are stored in a safe way, you should verify the background of your Store Keeper, Store Delivery Boys, Store Billing Person, Store Cleaner and others

Hospital & Clinic Workers

Hospital & Clinic Workers

To ensure that your patients have a peaceful & happy experience at your place, you should verify the background of your staff like Wardboys, Assistants, Housekeeping Staff, Cleaners and others

Office Workers

Office Workers

To ensure that your office confidential documents or information are not exposed out of the premises, you should verify the background of your staff like Housekeeping Staff, Pantry Staff, Cleaners, Drivers and others

Factory Workers

Factory Workers

To ensure that your factory valuables are always secured, you should verify the background of your factory workers like Technicians, Packaging Workers, Stitching Workers, Security Guards and others

Background Verification for Drivers in Amritsar, Punjab is easy now.

Conducting Background Verification for Drivers is as challenging as finding them in Amritsar, Punjab.

There are the usual offline choices available.

However, accomplishing them is not entirely convenient. At times, it feels cumbersome.

  1. First, get a Police Verification / Background Verification Form from the local police station or your building's office (or get it online from the website of city police, if it is available online)
  2. Then, fill it out for the Driver with his full details.
  3. Submit the filled verification form to the nearest police station
  4. If required, visit the local police station with the Driver and necessary documents
  5. Revisit if any of the documents are not as per the requirements
  6. Get the approved & stamped copy of the Police Verification / Background Verification Form picked up after a few days.

In our busy lifestyle, such a specific exercise sometimes becomes a task.

More often, we never get into it. Eventually, we end up avoiding such a necessary task.


Only about 10% of us go through the whole exercise of proper Background Verification for Drivers in Amritsar, Punjab.


The rest of us take a copy of the Driver's ID and rely heavily on the person who gave the reference.


Think about it:

  • Can an ID copy ensure Driver's background is clean?
  • Would the reference who got you the Driver take the person's guarantee?
  • Can an ID copy ensure that your family is 100% safe now?


It is not that every Driver carries a stained background.

Most are genuine people wanting to have a respectful earning life.

Helpers Near Me connects with many such Drivers, almost every day.

Our day-to-day conversation with them reveals that a considerable percentage of Drivers out there are indeed genuine.

They all want to work diligently and earn a respectful living.

However, a few of them always want some quick money or have hidden motives.

Usually, this small set of Drivers stains the entire Drivers community.

By conducting a Police Verification for Drivers or a detailed Background Verification for Drivers in Amritsar, Punjab, one can ensure one's family is well protected & secured in all possible ways.

Such a professional background verification also ensures the decision to hire the Driver is not based on someone's verbal reference but on proper verification, due diligence, and documentation.

Here's a new initiative from Helpers Near Me to help you with Professional Background Verification for Drivers in Amritsar, Punjab.

This service lets you verify your Driver's background online in the most convenient way possible.

Plus, it is also easy to pocket. The fee starts at just ₹199.

Imagine getting a detailed Professional Background Verification Report of your Driver in Amritsar, Punjab.


A detailed report which checks Driver's ID, Criminal/Court Records in neighbouring District Courts and a Physical Check of his Present/Permanent Address in Amritsar, Punjab.


This detailed Background Verification Report suddenly brings in a new level of 'true kind of background verification' that most of us haven't seen or heard of.

Here are 3 quick online steps you need to take for background verification of your Driver in Amritsar, Punjab. And all of it can be done in just a few minutes, that too directly through our mobile phones.


1st Step: Initiate your Verification Request here.


2nd Step: Fill your Driver's essential details (Name, Phone, Govt. ID number & Address).


3rd Step: Initiate your payment, starting at ₹199 only). 


That's all it takes.

Once you initiate your Background Verification request for your Driver in Amritsar, Punjab, you will receive a formal report within 10-15 working days.

The detailed Background Verification report of your Driver gets emailed directly to your email ID.

If any additional information is required, the Helpers Near Me team will contact you within 24 hours of your formal request.

Helpers Near Me follows a 2/3 Step Professional Verification Process for every Driver:


1) ID Verification

Your Driver's ID gets verified directly through Government sources. 


2) Criminal/Court Records Check:

In this case, we scan the Criminal/Court Records of your Driver in the neighbouring District Courts around your Driver's address.

Again, this one is done directly through the Government District portal (eCourts) that details the Criminal/Court Cases of every individual, if there are any.


3) Physical Address Check:

Opting for the Physical Address Verification of your Driver's residence is also possible.

By sending a verifier to the Driver's given address, this process checks whether the person stays at the place where he claims to be living.


This detailed Background Verification Check is conducted with our partner company's integration with UIDAI, NSDL, and reliable Government District portals.

With this kind of professional background verification check, you get fairly rich information and transparency into Driver's identity, antecedents, and character.

This verification allows you to decide on the Driver you have already hired or are about to hire.

With Helpers Near Me's background verification initiative, you can be 100% sure of your # category's background.


We suggest you legally verify your Driver today!



9 reasons why it is essential to perform background checks/police verification on Drivers in Amritsar, Punjab before hiring them:


1. Safety of your Home and Family

Your Driver in Amritsar, Punjab has direct access to your home, belongings, and family members.

Conducting a background check helps ensure that you are hiring individuals who do not have a history of criminal behaviour, violence, or other activities that could threaten your household’s safety.


2. Ensuring the safety of Children and Elderly at home


If you are hiring a Driver in Amritsar, Punjab to drive children, the elderly at home, or individuals with special needs, a background check is crucial.

It helps verify their suitability for the task you are hiring them for.


3. Prevention of Theft and Fraud 


Background checks can help identify Drivers with a history of theft, fraud, or other dishonest behaviour.

This safeguards your personal belongings, valuables, and financial assets.


4. Trust and Peace of Mind


Knowing that your Driver in Amritsar, Punjab has undergone a thorough background check can give you peace of mind and allow you to trust them more easily with your home and family responsibilities.


5. Protection of your Privacy


Your Driver in Amritsar, Punjab has access to sensitive and private information within your household.

A professional background check helps ensure you hire a Driver who can be trusted to maintain confidentiality and respect your privacy.


6. Personal Reputation


The behaviour and conduct of your Driver can reflect on your family’s reputation.

Hiring individuals with a positive background can help maintain your family’s standing in the community.


7. Legal Compliance


As you may be aware, In India, there are legal recommendations regarding background checks for domestic workers, especially if they work with vulnerable family members such as children or the elderly.

And if you are staying in a gated community, your building admin would have similar compliances.

Conducting background checks on your Driver in Amritsar, Punjab ensures you comply with applicable rules and regulations.


8. Minimizing Liability


Within your society in Amritsar, Punjab, you could be liable if your Driver engages in harmful or illegal activities while under your employ.

Conducting a background check helps mitigate this risk by demonstrating due diligence in your hiring process.


9. Long-Term Relationship


If you are considering hiring a Driver for a long-term engagement, a professional background check ensures that you are making a sound investment of time & effort in someone who will contribute positively to your household over time.


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