How to find reliable Nannies in Gurugram, Haryana?

Thinking of how to find a good & reliable Nanny in Gurugram, Haryana? Explore Helpers Near Me and find a Nanny today.

Find & hire from multiple Covid-19 safe and professionally verified Nannies in Gurugram, Haryana. Connect with them directly & hire anyone you like. All within 5 minutes and in 5 easy steps. Fee starting at just Rs.99/-.

Find a good & reliable Nanny in Gurugram, Haryana.

When it comes to finding a Nanny in Gurugram, Haryana, there are not enough options.

And if you are new to the city with a small baby, your need to find a Nanny is always urgent.

And at that time, the problem of finding a Nanny seems even more challenging.

Some of the options you usually end up trying are:

  1. Knock your neighbour's door to check if their Nanny/Maid knows someone who is looking for work, and is also a Nanny of your choice
  2. Check with the nearest security guard around your house/building or leave your requirement with him.
  3. Ask your nearest relative living in the city if they can be of any help.
  4. And if your need is urgent, you shout out from your balcony to come to the street and ask the Maids passing by your house.

Try recollecting the last time you had looked out for a Nanny.

You would certainly relate with one of the situations mentioned here.

And that's how it has been so far, for most of us living in Metros & Tier I Cities.


The situation is even more challenging when both the husband & wife are working.


You don't have time to find them unless you take off from your work or wait for the next Sunday.

Like it is challenging for you, the Nanny situation is almost the same.

With the limited reach that she has (among her friends, families and the security guards she knows around), she faces a similar level of difficulty when she's in search of some work.

And if her need is urgent, she easily gets into a trap of some agent or a contractor, who charges her commission to get her some work in some locality or your building.


Meet Helpers Near Me.


The platform solves the problem both for You & the Nanny.

Helpers Near Me is a few years old, DIPP recognized social startup. The platform works closely with the Government and a few NGOs to help the Blue-collar workers in finding local employment.

It enables the Workers in finding local employment, free of cost.

In turn, it helps Employers like yourself in finding workers near you, without any middlemen in between.

It helps you find a reliable Nanny in Gurugram, Haryana in the easiest possible way and just 5 minutes.

Even the charges are nominal - starting at just Rs.99/-.

Furthermore, Helpers Near Me connects you with multiple Nannies, not only one of them.

Having this kind of choice ensures that you get the best Nanny who understands your baby's needs better and fits into your budget.


Here are 9 compelling reasons why you should try Helpers Near Me when you need to find a Nanny in Gurugram, Haryana:


1) Helpers Near Me is Easy, Convenient & Organized

At Helpers Near Me, you can find Nannies around Gurugram, Haryana at your convenience.

It is Easier, Simpler & far Better than any other online or offline options.

5 minutes and just a click of a few buttons, that's all it takes to find a Nanny around Gurugram, Haryana through Helpers Near Me.


2) Connect with Nannies over a simple phone call 

At Helpers Near Me, you get to find a Nanny around Gurugram, Haryana on just a phone call.

You don’t need to go anywhere or leave a request with anyone.

Within 5 minutes of your transaction, you connect with multiple Nannies available around Gurugram, Haryana, and on your mobile phone.

You get to make an immediate phone call all the shortlisted Nannies directly.


3) Hire from professionally verified Nannies only 

Helpers Near Me verifies the background of every Nanny thoroughly.

The platform follows a 2/3 Step Background Verification Process for every Nanny registered with the platform.

First, their IDs are verified, and second, their Criminal/Court Records are checked across District Courts near their addresses.

At an additional nominal fee (starting with Rs.199/- only), you can even get this detailed Background Verification report of the Nanny you hire through Helpers Near Me.


4) Speak with Nannies near you, and not from a far off location 

Helpers Near Me is designed so that it allows you to find a Nanny in the vicinity of your search location (Gurugram, Haryana in your case).

The platform works on a complex algorithm that ensures you connect with nearby Nannies who are actively looking for work around Gurugram, Haryana. 


5) Speak with multiple Nannies around Gurugram, Haryana (even though you need just one) 

Helpers Near Me connects you with multiple Nannies in every order, and not only one of them.

The platform offers options so that you get to choose the best-rated one among all the available options from around Gurugram, Haryana.


6) Find & Hire the best-rated Nanny from a vast pool 

Hundreds of Nannies register with Helpers Near Me every day.

So, when you try the platform, you get to connect with the best-rated Nannies available around Gurugram, Haryana.

Helpers Near Me runs a complex algorithm to ensure you connect only with the best-rated ones.


7) Connect with nearby Nannies at a nominal fee only 

At Helpers Near Me, you get to find multiple Nannies around Gurugram, Haryana, at a nominal fee only (starting at just Rs.99/-).

And once you hire the Nanny of your choice, you don't need to pay anything further.

A nominal fee is all it takes to find a Nanny in Gurugram, Haryana via Helpers Near Me.


8) No Agents, Contractors or Commissions in between 

At Helpers Near Me, you get to contact the Nannies directly.

There are no middle-men involved in between you and the Nannies.

This option saves the additional commissions you would have to pay otherwise if you approach an agency.

The process also ensures that the Nanny gets a full portion of her salary, which is usually not the case if you hire one through an agency.


9) Customer friendly 100% Refund Policy

At Helpers Near Me, 100% refunds are processed without any questions.

The platform either would help you find a Nanny in Gurugram, Haryana, or else it would make a 100% refund for you, as long as the refund request is genuine.



Imagine the kind of convenience you have for finding a Nanny in Gurugram, Haryana in just 5 minutes.

This sort of convenience suddenly solves all the trouble.


Next time you need to find a Nanny in Gurugram, Haryana, try Helpers Near Me.


Helpers Near Me is the easiest way to find a Nanny in Gurugram, Haryana.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nannys online? Is it possible to find them in Gurugram, Haryana?

Absolutely yes. With Helpers Near Me, you can find multiple Nannys in Gurugram, Haryana. The platform uses advanced algorithms to help you find Nannys who are actively looking for work around Gurugram, Haryana. You can connect with all of them online.

How reliable are the Nannys in Gurugram, Haryana if I connect with them online?

Helpers Near Me follows a 2/3 Step Background Verification Process to check the reliability of Nannys from Gurugram, Haryana. With the help of technology, the platform does a detailed check on every Nanny's ID & Court/Criminal Records in the neighbouring District Courts of their address. If you opt for it, you can also access your Nanny's background verification report from Helpers Near Me.

What are the charges for connecting with Nannys in Gurugram, Haryana?

The charges vary from profile to profile, but its always a nominal fee. At a starting fee of just Rs.99/-, you can connect with various profiles of Nannys in Gurugram, Haryana.

Why is Helpers Near Me involved in connecting Nannys from Gurugram, Haryana?

Helpers Near Me is a DIPP recognised startup. It is a social enterprise. The platform is working towards helping the unorganised blue-collar workers in finding local employment. The platform works in collaboration with the Government. With it, you can easily find a Nanny in Gurugram, Haryana.

Will Helpers Near Me charge any commission for connecting me with Nannys in Gurugram, Haryana?

No, not at all. While connecting with Nannys from Gurugram, Haryana, you don't pay any commission. All you pay is a nominal fee (starting at just Rs.99/-). After hiring the Nanny, you can pay their salaries directly to the person.

Why should I pay in advance? Why can't I pay after I hire the Nanny?

Consider your payment as a small deposit. At Helpers Near Me, there's always an assurance of a happy experience. You either get to find & hire a Nanny from Gurugram, Haryana, or we make a 100% refund for you.