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How to find reliable Welders (Ex-Army) near me easily?

Searching for ‘Welders (Ex-Army) near me’ online? Chances are that your need is urgent.

Find multiple legally verified Welders (Ex-Army) near you, connect with them directly & hire anyone you like, without the middlemen.

3 Simple Steps
to find a reliable Welder (Ex-Army) near you

  1. Tap on Find & Hire now & Sign in
  2. Enter the profile as "Welder (Ex-Army)" & enter your "search location"
  3. View best-ranked Welders (Ex-Army) near you, pay a nominal fee, connect with all & hire any Welder (Ex-Army) you like

Fee - starting at ₹99/-

Employer-friendly Refund Policy - Find & Hire a Welder (Ex-Army) or Ask for 100% refund.

What is the right salary or cost for hiring a Welder (Ex-Army) near me?

The average monthly cost of hiring a Welder (Ex-Army) varies between ₹23,082 to ₹24,084. Please consider the salary range as indicative only. The actual figure may vary from one person to other.

Essential employment facts on Welders (Ex-Army) near you

43 yrs. is the average age of Welders (Ex-Army)
20 yrs. is the average work experience that Welders (Ex-Army), have
10 km(s) is the average distance to work that Welders (Ex-Army), prefers to travel
67 % of Welders (Ex-Army) are up to 10th educated
67% Welders (Ex-Army) are not educated enough. Most of the Welders (Ex-Army) are less than 10th educated.

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3 profiles of Welders (Ex-Army) near you

Satbir Yadav

Welders (Ex-Army) near me

Rating:  3.76/5
Experience: 22 yrs
Age: 46 yrs.
Gender: Male
Marital Status: -
Languages known: Hindi
Legally Pre-Verified: Yes
Education: 10th Pass
Monthly Salary Expected: ₹30,000/-
Prefer to work: Day shift
(Joined On: 28 Sep 2018 | 08:36 PM, 4 years ago)

Sunil Kumar Yadav

Welders (Ex-Army) near me

Rating:  4.2/5
Experience: 22 yrs
Age: 45 yrs.
Gender: Male
Marital Status: -
Languages known: Hindi
Legally Pre-Verified: Yes
Education: 10th Pass
Monthly Salary Expected: ₹25,000/-
Prefer to work: Day shift
(Joined On: 21 Dec 2019 | 06:25 PM, 3 years ago)

Manoj Kumar

Welders (Ex-Army) near me

Rating:  3.22/5
Experience: 16 yrs
Age: 40 yrs.
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Languages known: Hindi, English
Legally Pre-Verified: Yes
Education: 12th Pass
Monthly Salary Expected: ₹15,000/-
Prefer to work: Day shift
(Joined On: 18 Dec 2019 | 11:41 AM, 3 years ago)

Customer Reviews

4.2 /5

(based on 716 reviews submitted on different platforms of Helpers Near Me)


RK Puram, New Delhi, Delhi 110022, India


(Connected with Full Day Maids)


Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 3 weeks ago


Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021, India


I found your services prompt and helpful (Connected with Cooks)

I found your services prompt and helpful. Will get back again when i need a service. Thanks.

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 1 month ago

Nidhi Narain

Sector 128, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304, India


The call centre was very helpful (Connected with Cooks)

Good communication throughout. And the call centre was very helpful

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 1 month ago

Tushar Jain

Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122022, India


Very professional (Connected with Live-in Male Helpers)

Very professional.

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 1 month ago

Tapas Banerjee

Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110029, India


I liked the seemless process (Connected with Full Day Maids)

I liked the seemless process

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 1 month ago

Saramma Ambrail

Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra


Received timely input, feedback (Connected with Full Day Maids)

Received timely input, feedback.

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 2 months ago


Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Service is good (Connected with Full Day Maids)

Service is good

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 2 months ago

Meera Pandey

Uttam Nagar, Delhi, 110059, India


Increase your listings for patient attendants (Connected with Elder Care Helpers)

Please increase your listings for patient attendants near my location

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 2 months ago

It is always challenging to find an answer to ‘Welders (Ex-Army) near me’.


And when you need one urgently, the task becomes even more challenging.

The usual choice is to ask the next person you know.

While it is not a bad option to ask someone you know, it is not the best, especially when you can find the answer online easily.

No matter how many references you check with, you will always have to wait until you find someone suitable per your requirement.

Furthermore, the reliability of the Welder (Ex-Army) you hire would depend entirely on some distant person's referral.

And until you find a Welder (Ex-Army), you will manage things by yourself. 


Think about it; this process of “finding Welders (Ex-Army) near me” is always very taxing and time-consuming.


Try Helpers Near Me today.



Here are 10 promising reasons why you should try Helpers Near Me when you are looking for ‘Welders (Ex-Army) near me’:


1. Convenient, Easy & Organized

Helpers Near Me is an Easier, Simpler & Better way of finding Welders (Ex-Army) near you.

5 minutes and just a click of a few buttons, that’s all it takes to find Welders (Ex-Army) at Helpers Near Me.

Finding Welders (Ex-Army) was never as easier and as organized earlier.


2. Connect with professionally verified Welders (Ex-Army) only

Helpers Near Me follows a 2/3 Step Verification Process for every Welder (Ex-Army) who joins the platform.

Every individual’s ID & Court/Criminal Records are checked in detail at the neighbouring District Courts around their addresses.

Learn more about the 2/3 Step Verification Process at Helpers Near Me.


3. Connect with Welders (Ex-Army) near you

Helpers Near Me connects you with Welders (Ex-Army) near you, preferably within 1-3 km of your search location.

The platform automatically filters out all the options which are far from your search location.


4. Speak to multiple Welders (Ex-Army) at a time

If available, Helpers Near Me connects you with multiple Welders (Ex-Army) nearby, not just one or two.

Honestly, who doesn't want choices?

Moreover, when you want to hire Welder (Ex-Army) permanently, you would always want to meet with a few before deciding who to hire.

Helpers Near Me tries to connect you with as many options from around to give you enough choice.


5. Find & Hire Welders (Ex-Army) at a nominal fee only

At Helpers Near Me, you get to connect with multiple Welders (Ex-Army) at a starting fee of ₹99 only.

There are no additional charges beyond this.

Only except when you would want to get access to the individual’s background verification report.

But the report is also available to you at a nominal fee of Rs.199/-

So, technically, the entire transaction happens at a nominal fee only.


6. Connect with best-rated Welders (Ex-Army) from a vast pool

A unique rating system allows Helpers Near Me to connect you with the best Welders (Ex-Army) from around your search location.

This unique rating system at Helpers Near Me is one of its kind.

The Rating System is designed on a sophisticated algorithm, which ensures you always get the best option.


7. Empowers the Welders (Ex-Army) to connect with you directly

Helpers Near Me supports the Welders (Ex-Army), and many other blue-collar workers, in finding local employment opportunities.

The platform does so by connecting the workers directly with you.

By connecting directly with you, one can decide and opt for the work out of one’s own will.

No one influences the individual’s decision.

Furthermore, the person gets to decide one’s own salary as well.

In turn, this process helps the person take control of one’s life and income source.

The Welders (Ex-Army) join Helpers Near Me free of cost and their free will.


8. No middlemen & commissions in between

At Helpers Near Me, since you connect with the Welders (Ex-Army) directly, there are no middlemen & commissions in between.

It is a straightforward, honest digital platform that brings you and the #cateorys together so that you connect and take care of each other’s requirements.


9. Safe & Secure Payment

Every transaction processed at Helpers Near Me goes through the recognized payment gateways like Paytm, PayU & others.

Your details are entirely secured & protected against any unauthorized transactions.


10. Customer-friendly 100% Refund Policy

Helpers Near Me follows an excellent Customer-friendly Refund policy.

Every transaction you go through here comes with the assurance of helping you find a Welder (Ex-Army) you might want to search on the platform.

If required, the refunds at Helpers Near Me are processed without any questions asked for every genuine reason.

Learn more about the Customer-Friendly 100% Refund Policy at Helpers Near Me.


Imagine this kind of convenience on your mobile phone.

And being able to find Welders (Ex-Army) near you in just 5 minutes & 5 easy steps.


This sort of comfort solves all the trouble you had to take otherwise to find Welders (Ex-Army) near you.

Next time you need to find Welder (Ex-Army) near you, try Helpers Near Me.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) How is it possible to find Welder (Ex-Army)s near me online?

Yes, it is very much possible to Welder (Ex-Army)s near me online. At Helpers Near Me, you can find 100+ different profiles of blue-collar workers online, including Welder (Ex-Army)s. It is quite easy and convenient as well. Helpers Near Me uses complex algorithms to help you connect with multiple Welder (Ex-Army)s near you who are actively looking for work around your search location. You can connect with several Welder (Ex-Army)s and hire anyone you like.

2) How reliable would be the Welder (Ex-Army)s near me, if I connect with them online?

Every Welder (Ex-Army) at Helpers Near Me is professionally verified. With the help of technology, the platform follows a 2/3 Step Background Verification Process to check the reliability of Welder (Ex-Army)s near you. Helpers Near Me does a thorough check on every Welder (Ex-Army)'s ID & Court/Criminal Records in the neighbouring District Courts of their address. At a nominal fee, you can also access the verification report the Welder (Ex-Army) you hire.

3) How much does it cost to connect with Welder (Ex-Army)s near me via Helpers Near Me?

You can find & hire from multiple Welder (Ex-Army)s near you at a nominal fee starting from just Rs.99/-.

4) What is the role of Helpers Near Me in the process?

Helpers Near Me is a few years old DIPP recognised startup and a social enterprise. It is working with the Government towards improving the life of unorganised blue-collar workers. It enables the Welder (Ex-Army)s near you to find local employment opportunities, directly from you, free of cost, and without any middlemen in between. In turn, the platform helps YOU find professionally verified Welder (Ex-Army)s near you at a starting fee of Rs.99/- only.

5) While connecting with Welder (Ex-Army)s near me, will Helpers Near Me charge any commission?

No, not at all. There are no commissions involved. All you pay is a nominal fee to connect with Welder (Ex-Army)s near you. Once you decide to hire the Welder (Ex-Army) of your choice, you can pay the salary directly to the person.