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About Us

Helpers Near Me enables millions of underprivileged and unorganized blue-collar workers to find local employment, free of cost, directly from nearby employers, without the middlemen in between. In turn, the platform makes it easy, quick, reliable & affordable for millions of employers to find & hire nearby blue-collar workers. With a larger vision to end poverty, forced labour, worker exploitation, and human trafficking, Helpers Near Me is working towards creating an ecosystem of inclusive economic growth for India's underprivileged unorganised blue-collar workforce.


Workers have joined Helpers Near Me to connect directly with nearby Employers


Workers have received employment offers directly from nearby Employers


Women Workers have received employment offers directly from nearby Employers


Family members of Workers have been supported by the Helpers Near Me initiative

Why Helpers Near Me?

Convenient, Easy & Organized

It is an Easier, Simpler & Better way of finding Workers. 5 minutes and just a click of a few buttons, that’s all it takes to find Workers at Helpers Near Me.

Professionally Verified Workers only

Helpers Near Me follows a 2/3 Step Verification Process for every Worker registered with the platform. Everyone’s IDs & Court/Criminal Records are checked in detail. Read more >

Connect with nearby Workers

Helpers Near Me connects you with Workers in the vicinity, preferably within 1-2 km of your search location

Speak to multiple Workers at a time

If available, Helpers Near Me connects you with multiple Workers from nearby, and not just one or two

Find & Hire Workers at a nominal fee only

At Helpers Near Me, you get to connect with multiple Workers at a starting fee of ₹99 only

Get the best-shortlisted Workers from a vast pool

A unique rating system allows Helpers Near Me to connect you with the best Workers from around

Ensuring a Covid-19 safe Workers Connect

At Helpers Near Me, we are taking every initiative to ensure a Covid-19 Safe Employers-Workers Connect. Read more >

Empowers the Workers to connect with you directly

Helpers Near Me supports the Workers in finding nearby Work Opportunities and connecting with you directly. Workers join Helpers Near Me free of cost, and on their free will.

No middlemen & commissions in between

At Helpers Near Me, you get to connect with the Workers directly, so there are no middlemen & commissions in between

Worker gets to earn one's full salary

Every Worker who gets hired through Helpers Near Me gets an opportunity to earn one's full salary, without having to pay someone else in between

Safe & Secure Payment

Every transaction processed at Helpers Near Me goes through the recognised payment gateways like Paytm, PayU & others. Your details are entirely secured & protected against any unauthorised transactions.

100% Refund Policy

At Helpers Near Me, there's always an assurance of a happy experience. For every genuine reason, the refunds are processed without any questions asked. So, you either get to find a worker through the platform, or we make a 100% refund for you. Read more >



National Skill
Development Corporation

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) a not for profit, Public-Private-Partnership organization aims to contribute significantly to the overall target of skilling up of people in India.

SEWA Bharat

All India Federation of
Self-Employed Women’s Association

SEWA Bharat is a national federation of all Self Employed Women’s Associations in India. It is a movement of women who work in the informal economy.


Domestic Workers
Sector Skill Council

Domestic Workers Sector Skill Council (DWSSC), under NSDC, is working towards enhancing the employability of Domestic Workers.

Customer Reviews

4.3 /5

(based on 731 reviews submitted on different platforms of Helpers Near Me)

Ruchika Rai

Kalkaji, New Delhi, Delhi 110019, India


Overall nice (Connected with Full Day Maids)

Overall nice

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 4 weeks ago

Bhavna Rajan

Sector-45, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India


It's a very good initiative (Connected with Cooks)

It's a very good initiative. All people were reachable and called back.

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 1 month ago

Ritu Dhamija

Uday Park, New Delhi, Delhi 110049, India


I feel you can enlarge the area limit to may be 10 Km range (Connected with Cooks)

I feel you can enlarge the area limit to may be 10 Km range from where helpers can be located.

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 1 month ago

Johny Jagota

Kondli, New Delhi, 110096, India


Some are not ready to work at my location (Connected with Babysitters)

Some of them are working and some are not ready to work at my location

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 1 month ago

Deeksha Roy

Sector 21, Faridabad, Haryana 121001, India


Cool atlast I FOUND ONE (Connected with Live-in Maids)

Cool atlast I FOUND ONE

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 1 month ago

Ekta Kapoor

Nawada Majra Village, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110


Very good and prompt (Connected with Full Day Maids)

Very good and prompt

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 1 month ago


Ardee City, Sector 52, Gurugram, Haryana 122003, India


I liked the regular updates (Connected with Private Drivers)

I liked the regular updates of the progress being made

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 1 month ago

Ajit Mehta

Mora Gaon, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049, India


Yes services are good (Connected with Private Drivers)

Yes services are good, unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone for my requirements

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 1 month ago

Shiv Kumar Napit

Wanwadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411040, India


It is a great platform to explore maids (Connected with Babysitters)

It is a great platform to explore maids

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 1 month ago

Golu Dewan

New Multan Nagar, Shakur Basti, Delhi, 110063, India


I’ve been a user of this platform since 2 years (Connected with House Cleaning Maids)

I’ve been a user of this platform since 2 years but this time I’ve been unable to find someone

Review posted on Helpers Near Me, 1 month ago

How to find a Worker through Helpers Near Me?

`Find & Hire Now`

Login with a valid
Phone number

Enter the
Profile of worker

Enter your

View shortlisted
workers from nearby

Tap on profiles
to view their details

Pay, connect & hire
anyone you like

Verify your worker, Professionally

Verify the background of your Workers today.

ID Checks | Criminal/Court Records Checks | Address Checks | Fee – starting at Rs.199/-

Find what's trending among workers near you.

Avg. Salary | Avg. Age | Avg. Work Experience | Preferred Distance to work | Avg. Education Level

Get information for 100+ profiles of Domestic Workers, Drivers, School Workers, Restaurant Workers, Salon Workers, Office Workers, Factory Workers, Store Workers, Hospital Workers, Construction Workers & many more

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is it possible to find workers online?

The answer is technology. And a whole lot of groundwork.

Helpers Near Me has made it possible to find & hire 100+ profiles of workers near you online.

And it is pretty easy as well - as easy as taking a cab through apps.

The platform uses complex algorithms to help you directly connect with multiple workers near you without any middlemen.

You can connect with a couple of workers near you and hire anyone you like.

Q: How does it work?

The process is pretty simple.

First, you sign in with your credentials.

Second, you search for the profile of workers around your location. The platform automatically fetches and assigns a couple of best-rated workers to your search result.

Third, you pay a nominal fee and connect with every worker who features in your search result. Among them, you hire whoever you like, on a permanent basis.

In the end, you pay the salary directly to the worker.

Q: Which profile of workers can I find on Helpers Near Me?

You can find & hire different profiles of Workers through Helpers Near Me. And you can hire the workers on a permanent basis.

You can find & hire workers like:
Domestic Workers; Drivers; School Workers; Restaurant Workers; Salon Workers; Office Workers; Factory Workers; Store Workers; Hospital Workers; Construction Workers; Automotive Workers; And many more.

Q: How reliable are the workers if I connect with them online?

Helpers Near Me verifies every worker professionally. The process is more reliable than hiring a worker via reference or any other means.

The platform follows a 2/3 Step Background Verification Process:

1) ID Check, which checks the validity of the Govt. ID the individual carries

2) Court/Criminal Records Check, which scans the court records of the individual at the neighbouring Indian District Courts around their address, &

3) Address Check, which reports whether the person stays where one claims to be staying.

The first two are always pre-checked, while the 3rd one is optional.

You can access the worker's background verification report by paying a nominal fee if you wish.

Q: Is it free? How much does it cost to connect with workers via Helpers Near Me?

Helpers Near Me is a paid service. The platform automatically assigns a fee to your order. The price starts from Rs.99/-.

Q: If I pay once, for how long is the fee valid?

Once you pay, your order remains valid for the next 15 days.

It usually takes about 5-7 days to find a person as per your requirement, but the platform still keeps your order active for 15 days from the date you place it.

In all likelihood, you should be able to find a person within these 15 days.

If you face any challenges, please connect with the customer care at Helpers Near Me. The team resolves your concerns within 24 hrs.

Q: Is this a one-time fee? Or is this a subscription?

It is a one-time fee. It is not a subscription fee.

With this one-time fee, you can connect with a selected profile of workers from around your search location for a certain period.

Q: Do I pay for each worker? Or do I get access to every worker in your system with this fee?

No, you don't pay separately to connect with each worker. 

And no, you do not get access to every worker in the system.

Our intention here is to solve your problem of finding & hiring a person. And to do this, Helpers Near Me automatically assigns a couple of workers from around your search location, if available. The fee is valid only for the number of workers the platform assigns to your search result.

In all likelihood, you should be able to find a person from among the assigned ones. And if you face any challenges, please do connect with our customer care. The team will resolve your concern within 24 hrs.

Q: Do I have to pay any commission?

No, not at all. There are no commissions involved. All you pay is a nominal convenience fee, as reflected on the platform. Once you've hired, pay the individual's salary directly.

Q: Why should I pay in advance? Will you refund my money if I don't find a worker?

When you try Helpers Near Me, there's always an assurance of a happy experience.

You may consider your payment as a deposit.

You either get to find a worker through Helpers Near Me, or the platform gives you a 100% refund without any questions. The only non-refundable part is the Screening Assistance, but only if you opt for it. And, please remember to claim your refund within 15 days of your order.

To know more, read through our Refund Policy https://helpersnearme.com/refund-policy-details

Q: If the worker leaves in a few months, will you give me a replacement?

No, we do not have any replacement policy. 

We charge a small fee in the process which does not give us enough bandwidth to accommodate a replacement after a few months.

Although, for as long as your order is active (about 15 days from the date of order), you always have an option to go back to the other workers who may feature in your search results.  Alternatively, you can also reach out to customer care for assistance.

Q: How long does it take for you to process the refund?

It doesn't take long. Once you've sent us a formal confirmation for a refund, it gets processed within the same week, and you get the credit back to the source within 7-10 working days.

Q: Do you charge the workers?

No, we don't. For Workers, the service is FREE. The platform helps workers find local employment absolutely free of cost.

Q: What is the role of Helpers Near Me here?

Helpers Near Me is a few years old DIPP recognised startup. It is not an NGO. Helpers Near Me is a for-profit social enterprise.

The platform helps the WORKERS find local employment directly from you, free of cost, without the middlemen.

And the platform helps YOU find nearby professionally verified workers in the most convenient way possible, and at a nominal fee only.